It is possible to have a career that is meaningful

You’ve got the talent, the knowledge, the skills and the abilities to be as successful as anyone, but are you getting the success you want from your work and your life? It is possible to have a career that is meaningful; where your talents are utilized; you’re getting things done;  life is balanced; and you are thriving.

I help you get clear on who you really are and how you function.  We take into account the whole picture so you end up liking what you’re doing because it’s right for you, not just a goal. I am a career strategist and certified executive coach who has helped hundreds of professionals, just like you, be more successful.

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Revitalizing Your Career

Maybe the answer isn’t leaving your current job.  Often, with some surprisingly small adjustments, it can become a much better fit for you.  My own experience in jobs that weren’t right for me led me to develop proven strategies to deal with challenges at work for a greatly improved situation.  Read More…

Creating a New Career

By discovering the work that you were meant to do you can achieve a more rewarding career and more balanced life.  If you’re feeling burned out, unhappy, stuck, or realize that “making it work” is no longer working for you, it’s time to consider a change.  Learn how you can make it the right change.  Read More…



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