Are You Feeling Lucky?

March 15, 2013 by Linda Hardenstein

This excerpt from my March newsletter (the newsletter contains tips and discounts, contact me if you want to cloverreceive it), focuses on how to create more luck in your life and career.

Richard Wiseman, a psychological researcher, studied what makes people lucky (see more at How to Attract Good Luck – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Wiseman discovered“lucky folks — without even knowing it — think and behave in ways that create good fortune in their lives.”

When lucky people discover something new, they are prepared to take the risk to try it out and relaxed enough to see the possibilities.

Unlucky people are stuck in routines and as a result, miss out on opportunities that are right under their noses.

I experienced an example of this the other day in a crowded parking lot.  I couldn’t see if there was an open space at the front of the line.  Assuming no spaces were available I parked at the end of the row. When I got closer there was a space right up front. Darn! I felt unlucky and thought of my sister, the luckiest-parking-space-finder-in-the-world.  She would’ve thought and behaved differently.  She would have driven right up to the front to claim the space she assumed would be waiting just for her.

This simple exercise made me aware of my thinking and how in this instance my limited expectations limited my possibilities and the outcome.

We all have blind spots.  As a coach, I often help clients see what they don’t see — how they limit their choices, block opportunities, or think that a luckier/better outcome isn’t possible.

How about you?  Are there ways you limit your good luck by limiting expectations, dismissing something new, or staying stuck in a routine?

Here are some suggestions to start increasing your luck:

  1. Start noticing if you expect to be lucky and observe how you react to opportunities.
  2. Hire a coach to help you see what you don’t see.
  3. Use a technique Weisman’s Luck School teaches — keep a good luck diary.  Each evening write down the lucky things that happened to you that day. After a couple days you’ll see how your luck is building up because just like everything else in life, what you focus on increases.

And if you want to increase your luck in your career, ninety four percent of my clients seeking a new job have been “lucky” because they’ve landed a new position — and not just any position. They found the right job for them — one that matches who they are.  When you’re in a job that matches who you are you derive more meaning and satisfaction from your work.

My clients “got lucky” because with coaching guidance and a willingness to do some internal exploration they got really clear on what they wanted so the right opportunity could find them.  I have seen over and over, in my own life and with my clients, how clarity attracts lucky new possibilities and the confidence you need to take a chance.

If you know someone who is struggling because they’re unhappy at work, aren’t clear on their direction or next steps, or they’re having a hard time with a work situation, have them contact me for a complimentary consultation. After all, we weren’t put here to suffer at work.  We are here to contribute our gifts and talents. You never know what lucky path is just wait for you to discover it!

Do you believe in luck?  I’d love to receive your comments and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is a certified coach and accomplished career strategist with extensive experience serving hundreds of professionals in technology, law, accounting, education and government by leading them to discover their authentic career path.  She provides the tools to land a satisfying job and achieve your career and life goals.