Is Your Office Supporting Your Executive Presence or Sabotaging it?

It’s been said that Executive Presence is the factor that gets you noticed, forges trusting relationships and gets others on board with your vision and message. diverse team

But few professionals realize or fully utilize their true presence potential.  In fact, Forbes reported a study of over 4,000 leaders found that over 25 percent of an executive’s success can be attributed to his or her executive presence.

Most people have a hard time putting their finger on exactly what “Executive Presence” is.  Even if they can’t define it, they know it when they see it and … when they don’t.

Executive presence is a vibe, an energy that conveys authenticity and confidence. It’s about owning the role you’re in as a leader or manager and being able to influence others in a way that wins their trust and respect.  Executive presence comes from leveraging your strengths in a way that gets you noticed and encourages others to follow you. It comes from being engaged and on top of your game.

Executive presence is conveyed by how you look, how you act and something else that is rarely considered … what your office environment says about you.

If you’ve ever worked in an organization you know that where your office is located in the building, whether it has a big window or no window, whether you have a small, built-in desk or a stand-alone big desk says something about who you are, your role, your power, your influence and your importance. Science has proven that the objects you put in your office also convey messages about you and who you think you are.

With executive presence being such a big part of how your leadership potential or promotability is evaluated, it is important to consciously create it.  One way you can influence your Executive Presence and how you are perceived is by creating what I call your Peak Performing Environment.  Your Peak Performing Environment:

  • Tells others what you want them to know about you and how to perceive you.
  • Keeps you energized so you are easily portrayed as vibrant, productive, focused and in the zone.
  • Is a workspace that is comfortable; someplace you like being and want to sit in everyday.
  • Supports you in being productive and working at your best.
  • Empowers you in achieving your career goals and in being successful.


Do you have a Peak Performing Environment that supports your Executive Presence?  Conduct your own office assessment to find out:

Stand at your office door. Close your eyes for a minute. Open them and take a look around. If you didn’t know the person who resides there, what would you deduce about them?  Then note, does your office reflect the message you want to send about who you are?  Does it say I’m capable? Or is it chaotic and telling the observer you’re out of control? Is it so cluttered that it says the person who sits there is stuck, stifled, and overwhelmed? Or is it inhabited by someone who is productive, comes across as energized, prosperous, vibrant and on top of her game and therefore leadership material or promotable?

Just as important, what does your office say to you all day long? Does it serve you by keeping you focused and energized? Do you feel stuck, stifled, or overwhelmed?  Are you able to be in the flow and get things done? Does it showcase your talents or does it drain your energy and undermine your value and your potential for advancement?  Does it support or sabotage your Executive Presence?

Find out.  Contact me and schedule your complimentary Peak Performing Environment review.  We’ll zero in on the image you want to project and I’ll read your environment and give you a way to create your Peak Performing Environment.  In this private session with me you’ll learn how you can better develop, convey and support your Executive Presence and more easily achieve your career goals.