3 Reasons to Power Up Your Workspace and Gain Greater Success

Attorneys and high-powered professionals must stay on top of their game to be successful.

You need to be able to deal effectively with client issues and complex problems, to juggle competing priorities, to stay focused while business-womanworking long hours, to generate business, to make appearances, to come up with solutions, and manage family commitments.

The last thing you need is to be drained or to give your precious power away. 

Here are three reasons to power up the positive energy in your workspace to gain greater success:

1.  Get more done with less effort. You know what it feels like to be in “the zone” right? That place where your mind isn’t wandering, cluttered, overwhelmed or stuck.  Where your concentration is focused.  You’re energized and engaged and nothing blocks your progress.  Creative ideas, inspiration and solutions just flow. When the energy flows in your space it’s easier to experience and stay in the flow of success.

2.  Make Dealing With People Easier. I see people, especially amazing women, give their power away without even realizing it.  An accomplished and newly appointed university leader found out why meetings with those high-powered, DC lobbyists who talked over her, shut her down and wouldn’t give her ideas the time of day were so difficult.  Her office told the story … she was unknowingly putting them in the power spot!  When we shifted her space to put her back in the driver’s seat conflicts eased.  Lobbyists and others began listening.  Funding dollars started pouring in.  She began getting what she wanted.  The results were so striking to her (not to me!) that she hired me to transform her managers’ work spaces so everyone in her department could lessen costly, time wasting conflict.

3. Add Balance to Your Life. Do you want the flow of success to be in all areas of your life? Maybe you’d like more time with family, greater fulfillment in your career, more joy, increased abundance, happier relationships, more health, balance, peace, etc?  No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same … get clear on what you want, get an outside perspective and get support for making change happen. With so many professional demands these days it’s easy for your precious energy to be spent at work and get out of balance in the rest of your life.  It’s been proven that increasing the flow of energy in your environment increases the flow of success in your life.  Why not make it possible to attract more abundance and what you want in all areas of your life?

Get practical advice on how to harness the positive energy in your workspace, to get more done with less effort, to deal with people with ease or balance your life, with a private Optimal Workspace Review.  Contact Linda and step into the flow of your success.