3 Tips to Jump Start Your Career Happiness in 2014

Do you want to thrive in your career in 2014?

There’s something awesome that happens when you decide you want to create a different, more positive result than you’ve had in the past.  Just the act of deciding that continuing to just survive in your career isn’t going to work in 2014 will create momentum for all kinds of exciting opportunities to start coming your way. Reaching-Goals-modified

I’m a career strategist and executive coach and I’ve worked with hundreds of hard-working and dedicated professionals to find the kind of work they love and to generate the success, rewards and fulfillment they want from their career.  I also work with professionals who want to keep their job and improve their work situations.

If you’ve decided this is the year to be happier in your work, here are three tips to jump start your career success in 2014.

Say Yes to Happiness!  A Gallup poll taken in October of 2013 found 87% of workers worldwide feel some level of disengagement and unhappiness at work.  Decide you’re not going to be one of them!  Say yes to a more positive experience at work this year.

It’s miserable dragging yourself into work every day and spending 8-10 precious hours doing things that don’t excite you or resonate with who you are. There are many reasons professionals end up in survival mode at work — the people, the work, the culture, the horrible boss, disorganization, not being able to make a contribution, not having any guidance or direction, being under-appreciated, etc. The bottom line is just surviving at work every day takes its toll — on your health, your attitude, your energy, your spirit, your over all well-being and your relationships — personally and professionally.  If you’re experiencing these things say yes to happiness and to thriving in your career in 2014!

Find your Target. The great Philosopher, Lucius Seneca, said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”  If you really want more career satisfaction and greater success in your life you’ve got to get clear on what you want.  You don’t want to waste valuable time, energy, effort, and the momentum your dreams stirred up heading in the wrong direction!  You’ll be more successful with a target, a bull’s eye to keep you focused.

What is your career target?  Do you want to change jobs, have better relationships at work, gain a promotion, learn something new, get along better with your boss?  If you’re unsure, take the Thriving In Your Career Self Assessment (see Start Thriving Instead of Just Surviving in Your Career on the right panel of my website) to get clear on your specific targets. Or, consider investing in a career coach who can ask you the deep questions that will reveal your target in a short period of time.  You can also talk with a trusted friend or family member to get help identifying your targets.

Take Action.  Once you’ve decided you’re ready to leave the stress and dissatisfaction of your current situation behind, get into action.  Identify the steps you need to take to hit your target.  Give yourself a timeline for completing each step.  Get support from others to keep you following through on each step you’ve identified.

Statistics show only about 12% of us end up accomplishing our new year’s resolutions.  Don’t be one of them! Decide to jump start a happier career in 2014, identify your target, and take action to thrive in your career this year.  You deserve it!

What makes you happy in your career or work? Share your comment.