It has been said that if you can’t find the path you are looking for, you need to create it.

That was the story of my professional career, carving the path to create something from nothing.

I have been in the trenches, working jobs that didn’t fit me for people I really didn’t respect.  I have had to reinvent myself over and over, on my own.

In the process, I have created myself to be the coach I always needed.

I am passionate about helping you find the career that is the perfect fit for you, because I’ve been where you are.

Finding Career Fulfillment

I worked in law for 25+ years, thinking fulfillment was always just around the corner.

I moved from one type of law to the next, thinking I would find fulfillment with the next job or promotion.  Or the next one.  But I ended up unsatisfied, sometimes hating it.

I knew something had to shift.  And I was determined to make a difference in a field I was passionate about.

So, I did what any sane person would do.

I sold all my stuff, got in my car and drove from San Francisco to Washington, DC without a job.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t like I thought. Despite a master’s degree (earned while working full time) a great resume and a lot of experience, I didn’t land a job instantly like I thought I would.  I didn’t pull back the curtain and transform politics either.

Instead, I found myself sitting across the desk from an 89-year-old attorney taking dictation.  I felt like I was back where I started 20 years ago.

Despite landing 66 informational interviews in two months nothing was happening fast enough.  Coming home in tears some days I wondered what I should do next.

I was alone without any coaching or guidance.

I had to get very strategic and I finally did beat out 200 applicants to land a good job. It was in a highly political organization. I had to be politically savvy, promote myself and up my game. But swimming with the sharks wasn’t cutting it. I wanted something better.

That ‘something better’ did come, but not before I fell down the stairs in utter exhaustion as a road warrior with a single focus of succeeding on the job.  I nearly broke my neck in the process.

I remember sitting in the Emergency Room, all alone, asking myself, “What am I doing this for?”

I decided in that moment I’d no longer kill myself for a job where it didn’t matter, and where nothing I did would never be enough.

It’s amazing what such a decision will do.

Forging a New Path and Thriving

Shortly after drawing my line in the sand, I was recruited to coach attorneys at a firm I respected, doing work I loved.  It was truly a dream job.

In only 3 years I created a sustainable, award-winning university for attorneys and a state-of-the-art career development program.  Built and running smoothly, I knew it was time for me to forge the next step on my path.

So in 2008 I reinvented myself yet again.

It became clear that my mission is to help you find your purpose and unique right fit path to get you out of the trenches and into a career that you love.

Since 2001 I have helped hundreds of professionals — from attorneys to architects, IT people and corporate and government managers — go from surviving to thriving in their careers.

In fact 94% of people who have completed my THRIVE Formula™, have transitioned into careers that they love, and our research shows they continue to be happy for years to come.

When I’m not helping you create your perfect career, you can find me with my toes in the sand joyfully walking the beach, laughing and having fun dancing, or searching out a stone to fit perfectly into a new necklace I’ve designed.

As a published author and professional speaker I am consistently asked to speak to professional groups to share my expertise, real-life stories and illustrations to educate, motivate and inspire audiences to THRIVE, not just survive, at work.

If you’re ready to thrive in your career, then let’s talk about you getting the proven strategies you need.

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