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My passion is facilitating people -- individuals and in organizations -- to fulfill their potential, achieve the results they're after, and live a humanly satisfying existence.  First, a little history about my work with organizations, then a few words about my own career path and how I got here ...

Your Solutions Partner

"Just get them to" -- "not take so much of my time, be a better leader, produce, respect authority, want to stay, stop bickering, get motivated, focus on what's important, work together, stop resisting change ..."

I'm used to hearing these words of frustration from my clients when they are feeling stuck because people issues aren't being resolved.  I actually like analyzing a situation and zeroing in on what the leader, the employee, the firm, or the company needs.  Then I apply my background as a facilitator, trainer, mediator, and coach, my qualifications and my experience as a successful consultant, program director, and leader, to design the perfect customized solution that provides the relief my clients seek. 

Bringing Order to Chaos

Whether it's creating a way to keep Millennials engaged and retained or teaching and coaching leaders or managers to be better equipped and more effective, I know how to put the structure and people together in a way to bring order to chaos and to resolve your biggest headaches.

When an influential DC law firm recruited me to build from the ground up an in-house university for 600 attorneys, there was no continuing legal education or  mandatory training requirements to make them participate.  Being successful required coming up with strategies to motivate, influence and inspire participation.  Within a year, associates in each department knew what was expected for their success and attorneys were engaged and fully participating in training and annual academies.

I used my training from the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching program to establish a career development program and, as an accredited Professional Certified Coach, coached approximately 300 associates on the path to partnership.  The firm experienced significant return on investment and the award-winning programs I created were ranked 15th in the nation in a survey of hundreds of firms in only three year's time.

Practical Solutions that Get the Job Done

To improve performance and motivate teams, I design processes that bring an objective, fresh point of view and measurable improvements, like I did for a major US airline.  Managers who had never worked together before broke down department walls, collaborated, communicated, and gained a better understanding of each other's roles to successfully implement organizational goals.  The corporation saved money on turn-around times and the operation realized its best performance in six years.  I even helped a city change the dynamics of frustrated and riled-up citizens into willing participants in finding solutions to a very contentious and previously unsolvable, tree ordinance.

Whether it's getting teams to work better together, developing or coaching leaderscontact me and we will get to the heart of what you need and I will design the practical solutions to turn your situation around.

Finding Career Fulfillment

If you feel stuck and are looking for a way to gain satisfaction from your work, I can relate.  My professional career had me making a good living but often working in jobs that didn’t fit me, for people I really didn’t respect.  I'm passionate about finding the career that is the perfect fit for you, because I've been where you are. 

I worked in law for 25+ years, thinking fulfillment was always just around the corner and would come from the next job or promotion. Or the next one.  But I ended up unsatisfied for years, sometimes feeling trapped and hating what I was doing.

I knew something had to shift.  After completing my Master's in Public Administration at the University of San Francisco (while working full time) I was determined to make a difference in a field I was passionate about.

So, I did what any sane person would do.

I sold all my stuff, got in my car and drove from San Francisco to Washington, DC without a job.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t like I thought. Despite a degree, a great resume and a lot of experience, I didn’t land a job instantly like I thought I would.  I didn’t pull back the curtain and transform politics either.

Instead, I found myself sitting across the desk from an 89-year-old attorney taking dictation.  I felt like I was back where I started 20 years ago.

Despite landing 66 informational interviews in two months nothing was happening fast enough.  Coming home in tears some days I wondered what I should do next.  I had no coaching or guidance, yet I knew I had to get very strategic.  In the process, I created myself to be the coach I always needed. 

I beat out 200 applicants to land a good job. It was in a highly political organization. I had to be politically savvy, promote myself and up my game. But swimming with the sharks and moving up the ladder wasn’t cutting it. I wanted something better.

That ‘something better’ did come, but not before I fell down the stairs in utter exhaustion as a road warrior with a single focus of succeeding on the job.  I nearly broke my neck in the process.

I remember sitting in the Emergency Room, all alone, asking myself, “What am I doing this for?”

I decided in that moment I'd no longer kill myself for a job where I wasn't appreciated, or satisfied, and where nothing I did would never be enough.

It’s amazing what such a decision will do.

Forging a New Path and Thriving

Shortly after drawing my line in the sand, I landed my dream job coaching attorneys and developing managers and staff to be successful in their careers.

In 2008 I was called upon to reinvent myself yet again, returning to California it became clear that my mission is to help you find your unique, right fit career and a job that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.

I have helped hundreds of professionals — from attorneys to architects, IT people and corporate and government managers and Millennials — go from just surviving to thriving in their careers.

In fact 94% of people who have completed my THRIVE Formula™, have transitioned into careers that they love, and my research shows they continue to be happy for years to come.

If you're ready to thrive in your career, contact me and let's talk about you getting the proven strategies you need.


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