About the ALTA Intake Questionnaire


This intake form is the first step in the process of discovering your Life Theme and the knowledge of who you really are at your very core. With this knowledge you will finally understand the cause of everything you have in life, and more importantly how to use this knowledge to empower yourself and create your own customized path to happiness, fulfillment and success.

After you have submitted this form I will coordinate a day and time for your session with an Authentic Motivation Analysts. This can be done over the phone or in person in my offices in Pacific Grove, California.


With this questionnaire, we are NOT looking for “The Right Answer”. Rather, we are looking for your own personal view. That means there are no right or wrong or good or bad answers. For this to be accurate, it is vital for you to state your opinions, viewpoints and experiences. The only wrong answer is the one that does not reveal your true and honest thoughts and feelings.

It is also vital that you do this alone. This is the discovery of YOUR Life Theme. Therefore, nobody else can be involved.  Pick a quiet spot free of distractions where you can reflect and answer the questions free from other peoples input.

Helpful Tip: You might find it advantageous to type your answers in a separate document first (Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Notepad, TextEdit or online services such as Shrib.com or Google Docs) and then copy and paste from those programs into the appropriate fields of this questionnaire. That way, should you experience an interruption in internet connectivity you wont lose all your work.

Note of Confidentiality: All information you provide is considered sensitive and confidential and is used solely to discover your unique Life Theme and nothing else.

Ready to get started?


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