Are You a Professional Dealing With a Horrible Boss? Secrets for Winning – Part 2


By Linda L. Hardenstein

This is Part 2 of my previous post providing tips for dealing with a horrible boss. It’s not uncommon at some point in your career to have what you would describe as a “horrible boss.” Handling them and surviving is an art. In addition to the previous tips you can:

4.  Explore Your Options.  Without taking the time to identify what options you have for dealing with your situation you feel trapped. Feeling trapped can make you think you have only two choices to go or to stay.  With a little exploration, or brainstorming with a coach, friend or mentor, you may be able to discover that there are more choices than you think. Are there options are for getting some relief inside the organization? What internal mechanisms exist for resolving conflicts with your boss or co-workers? Is there someone you can talk to within the organization?  What are the ramifications of speaking up, of keeping quiet?  When speaking up it is essential to use excellent communications skills and to know what you want so you don’t make your situation worse.
5.  Get out.  After exploring all of your options if making a job change or leaving are your only choices, create your path to freedom before you quit. When you’ve got a lot of work to do it can be hard to find the time to begin or manage a job search campaign but it can be done. You need an organized, strategic, carefully crafted, step-by-step exit strategy. You’ll want to stay productive AND achieve your job transition goals. Part of your strategy should be how to leave on the best possible terms.

6.  Get Help. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with a horrible boss on your own, especially if you’re in a management position and can’t discuss things with your colleagues. This is when a coach, mentor or trusted adviser can help you brainstorm and come up with creative strategies to overcome obstacles, find a ray of hope, stay motivated, do something you may not have thought of, or create a winning exit strategy. Coaches like me offer laser coaching sessions that help you zero in on your unique situation to develop a winning strategy to deal with a difficult boss so you can improve your work situation and your life. If I can be of assistance to you feel free to contact me or use my automated calendaring system to schedule a complimentary session.

If you’ve survived a “horrible boss” and have some tips to share please add your comment below.

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