Are You Getting What You Want From Your Career?

More than any other element, your career satisfaction affects your overall well-being.  Think about it. How you feel about being at work every day impacts your health, your relationships, your finances and your attitude about your life in general.

Are you in a job where you’re feeling stuck?  Wondering “what am I supposed to be doing?”  Or asking yourself “what’s it all for?”

Overworking business woman suffering from headache

Are you trudging to work every day, feeling numb, bored out of your mind, sapped of energy, or pulling your hair out?  Are you wondering what your next step is in life?  Feeling like the years are just slipping away in a rear view mirror?

Sometimes it’s a boss or co-worker plucking your nerves that makes it clear you’re not getting what you want from your career.  Sometimes it’s being passed over for opportunities, or working hard and not being recognized for your contribution.  Sometimes it’s just feeling unrewarded and underappreciated.  If your job is sheer drudgery, you’re in a miserable environment, or suffering in a torturous situation, it’s pretty clear that your career isn’t working for you.

I can relate.  There were many days I felt that way in my “corporate” life.  Now I hear about it every day when professionals tell me about their situations and ask how they can get more of the life they want.  One that has meaning.

business-womanIn over 15 years of helping professionals find their purpose and land jobs that provide meaning and satisfaction, it’s clear.  When you are doing what you’re designed to do and you’re in the right environment, you’re in the flow.  Your talents are not being blocked or thwarted.  You know the unique gifts you bring and you know your value.  Once you know what you, uniquely, bring to a position you can get a whole lot more of what you want from your employer and from your career.  When you’re coming from this place your career is not just about work, it’s working for you.

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Linda Hardenstein, certified career strategist, guides professionals and millennials to achieve meaningful careers by identifying your purpose, your unique strengths and unseen potential coupled with proven strategies to thrive, not just survive, in a career that works for you.