Is Your Work Masking Your True Potential?

Have you ever asked yourself, “what am I doing?” or “why am I doing this?”mask

I used to ask myself those kinds of questions every day on my way into work.  I had a good paying job and excellent skills but the tasks bored me to tears and the people drained me.  I felt like I had to put on a flak jacket to protect myself from the politics and to mask what I thought was the sheer ridiculousness that went on in that building every day.

It was hard.  I wanted to get out.  I prayed for relief.  I asked for a sign. I begged for a new direction to be revealed to me.  I sought deliverance from the corner I felt trapped in  because of school loans and bills to pay and yes, that other mask I felt I had to wear … that of the successful professional.

Years later I was lucky enough to discover an assessment that made it easy for me to understand why I felt the way I did about my job.  I learned what motivated me and what drained my spirit.  It revealed the type of environment I would excel in.  It became abundantly clear why it was hard to be myself, why I wasn’t happy and why I felt like I didn’t belong … because I didn’t.

Have you ever felt like your work is masking your true potential?  Ever feel like an impostor in an uncomfortable role working with people you don’t really know or trust?   If you can relate, you’re not alone.  As a career coach and adviser to hundreds of professionals I’ve helped many people discover why they feel this way and find a work environment that supports them in expressing who they are so they can reach their full potential.

When you discover who you really are you see things differently and everything changes.  You no longer need to suppress who you are to just survive.  You can actually dream about thriving at work.  In unmasking who you really are you’re able to align with the type of job and environment that most suits you.  It becomes easier to achieve greater life satisfaction and gain deeper meaning from your work.

How do you know if it’s time for you to unmask your true potential and find the work that you were meant to do?  Ask yourself these simple questions:  Do I:


  • Love the work I do?
  • Feel comfortable being myself at work?
  • Work with like-minded people?
  • Have honest, trusting relationships with people at work?
  • Feel free to act the same way at work as I do at home and with my friends?
  • Fit in easily at work?
  • Like my boss?
  • Like “playing the game” I feel I have to play?
  • Stay energized by the work I do?
  • Feel I’m living my life’s purpose?


If you answered NO to even one of these questions it might be time to find out what kind of work will support you in being fully who you are and doing what you were meant to do.  To learn more about the life-changing assessment that I offer that can help you discover who you are and what you’d be happier doing, contact me.