Battling Overwhelm at work? Here’s what to do

Workplace headache

Yep, we all know it’s easy to get overwhelmed at work but this interview with Lexis Nexis’ Mike Walsh says emails and the management of information is just one part of the reason for overload. The other reasons sited are employers 24/7 response expectations and worker’s self-management issues.

People think taking time out to create a system and structure to deal with overwhelm at work is too time consuming.  But actually if you structure your work day to work for you and you have the right systems in place, then you will not only conquer overwhelm, you’ll save time, get more done and you can even structure a life you enjoy.

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Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, helps professionals like you who have the challenge of staying as efficient as possible given their busy schedules get systems and structures in place to get more done each day, do more for your customers, and get rid of that feeling of overwhelm that keeps your stress levels way too high.