Be True to Yourself

When Job Searching, Being Honest With Yourself Can Get You What You Really Want  

It takes more than a job opening, a good résumé and cover letter showcasing your experience, and some stellar interviews to land your perfect job. It takes soul searching and recognizing what you really want, as Susana discovered.

“I’ve had great interviews, but it’s not working,” Susana said. “I’ve been invited back for second and third rounds, working my way up the chain. Everyone seems to like me, but I just don’t get the final offer.”

A VP of corporate relations with an impressive  10-year track record of being promoted and winning kudos for successful high-dollar campaigns, Susana wondered what she was doing wrong. She had been laid off when her company went belly up, and she just couldn’t land another job.  Armed with a stellar résumé and a well-written cover letter, Susanna was a hot prospect. She was getting her foot in the door and working her way up through rounds of interviews at major corporations over and over again. So why wasn’t it working?

A Crisis in Confidence 

One reason Susana was failing was due to a crisis in confidence.  She had always heard that “finding a job is harder when you’re unemployed.” Now she believed it  and was becoming living proof.

Beliefs about job availability, your performance, and what others might think of you can roadblock your success. A positive mindset is as important as having a well-written résumé, saying the right things, and taking all of the steps that make a job search successful.

Susana had to get back on track—she needed to believe  in herself and her ability to be successful.  But after her limiting beliefs were identified and removed, it became clear that something else was going on.

Solving the Mystery

When asked how badly she wanted the jobs she was applying for, Susana realized she didn’t want them at all. “I’m tired of the long commute,” she said. “After doing this work for 10 years, I’m pretty burnt out, too.   I’d rather be home with my daughter doing something I really enjoy.  Honestly?  I don’t want another job like the one I just got out of.” There it was, the truth.

Even though Susana was knowledgeable, experienced, and had the skills to be very successful in the jobs she was applying for, her heart wasn’t it in.  And if you’re not into the job you’re applying for, it comes across loud and clear in your interview.  You don’t have to say anything–your body language and lack of enthusiasm say it all.

Confidence Restored 

Once Susana realized that she was going after jobs she didn’t really want, she saw that her job hunting efforts were out of alignment. While she was going after the positions she thought she should do and only could do, she was also putting barriers in her way because she did not want to do them anymore.  There was no way she could be successful while this hidden inner conflict was going on.

To get out of this dilemma, Susana needed to get both feet on a new path in a new direction, rather than limping along with one foot on and one foot off.  When your head and heart are aligned with what’s right for you, success comes much more easily.  Susana needed to listen to her heart and discover the truth of what she really wanted,  rather than wasting her time and effort interviewing for jobs she didn’t want and suffering the grief from feeling rejected by the interviewers (when a part of her was actually doing the rejecting).

So how did Susana get her head and heart aligned? She took a career assessment that revealed her purpose, what she was designed to do. Then she looked at ways could use all of her knowledge and experience in a way that would also fulfill her dream to be close to home and her desire to do meaningful work and make a valuable contribution. In 30 days, she had a new target and a new plan of action. Her confidence was restored as she saw new opportunities and how they could fit with what she wanted. Three months later, she landed her dream job.  She is currently developing small businesses in her community, just 10 minutes from her home.

Now, she’s very happy. She has no horrible commute and she’s not burnt out anymore. She  is able to use her talents to do what she loves and has a lot of time to spend with her daughter.

Susana learned an important lesson: being honest with herself enabled her to find a new, authentic career path. It unleashed her energy, passion, and commitment, and her potential employer couldn’t help but notice. If you find yourself in a similar situation, keep Susana’s story in mind and contact me to find a career that you’ll love and will lead to a life that you truly want.   

(c) Linda Hardenstein, 2017

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