Be Yourself to Win the Job

A Little Humor Never Hurt

By Linda L. Hardenstein

The thought of a job interview can keep you up all night and the butterflies stirring in your stomach like a tornado.  If you can take a deep puzzle piecesbreath and remember to be yourself during your interview, it will calm the nervous jitters and so will adding a little humor.

Case in point:  I was on an interview team with a manager and an administrator.  We were looking for an auditor to add to our team.  We had a set of standard questions we asked all interviewees and interviewed people back-to-back.  The last person at the end of the day, let’s call him Bob, answered all the questions adequately.  He was just as qualified as the other candidates.It wasn’t until his last answer that we all decided he was the one for us.  When we asked him, “What do you want to accomplish in this position?” and he said, “I want to be the best darn auditor you’ve ever had!” we all had a good laugh.

As soon as he walked out the door, still grinning, we all had the same response, “I like him!”  That was it for us!  We made our decision on the spot and never regretted it.  Bob was someone who met the qualifications AND had a personality we could appreciate.  He wasn’t afraid to let us see who he was and instantly we knew he’d fit in with the team.

Bottom line – be who you are so you and the people you interview with can see if you’re the right fit AND, being the one with a sense of humor may set you apart and help you land the job.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is an expert career strategist and certified coach who provides professionals an assessment to discover their authentic purpose and the practical tools and answers to  find a job that is your right fit.