Believe to Achieve

“If you are going to be successful in having the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen.” – Jack Canfield

You can control three things in your life and they all lead to your happiness, or not — your thoughts, your visualizations and your actions.

Thoughts are based on beliefs.  Beliefs are formed early in childhood from observing your parents and family or by what you were taught.  Beliefs are also formed by your life experiences.

Beliefs are not always easy to identify. They can be pretty sneaky because they hang out in your subconscious mind. I’m Icebergsure you’re familiar with the analogy of the iceberg — 90 percent of it is below the surface. The same is true of your subconscious mind.  We don’t see it and often aren’t aware of it but it is programmed and running us.  It is like the software system running on your mobile device.  It  performs functions without you thinking about it.

Your beliefs can propel you forward by motivating you to achieve or they can hold you back from a more fulfilling job, a more meaningful relationship, a more balanced prosperous life.


Mary, for example, is very unhappy at work.  She has a very demanding job, a mean boss, and she comes home exhausted every night.  She knows she’s on the road to burn out and she’d like to change jobs but she believes she if she really does what she wants to do she won’t make enough money to live on and she’s older, so she’s afraid no one else will hire her. She’s been complaining about her situation to her boss, to her friends and to her family.  So when a friend set her up for an interview she couldn’t get off the hook.  She interviewed and it’s not surprising that she didn’t get the job. Mary proved her belief that no one else would hire her.

If Mary doesn’t clear that belief and goes on another interview the doubt she holds in her subconscious will show up in the way she answers questions, in her inability to promote herself, in her body language, or lack of enthusiasm.  She’ll prove herself right again believing that she can’t work anywhere else … that is, until she gets laid off because of her constant complaining.

To be successful become more aware of your beliefs.  If they’re not supporting you, you can always change them yourself, or with the help of a counselor or coach like me.   Believing “yes I can” will help you visualize what you want, and take the action to make it happen.

What are some positive beliefs that have helped you make what you want happen? I’d love it if you shared them in the comments below.