Would you like to achieve more passion, meaning and fulfillment at work but you’re feeling stuck? If so, you’re not alone.

If you’re going to achieve there will be roadblocks. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” -Michael Jordan

My career path was strewn with plenty of obstacles but I quickly learned they gave me the chance to hone my strategic skills and taught me how to “back-door-it” into success.

In fact, I literally walked into the backdoor of an office building on Capitol Hill when I was unemployed and looking for roadblockwork because I couldn’t find the front door.  Walking up the deserted hallway it wasn’t long before I came upon a woman eating lunch at her desk. Startled she looked up at this perfect stranger. Panicked, I began explaining as fast as I could that I wanted to arrange an appointment with the Director, Lynn ___ (a real big whig!)  because I was new in town and I just knew she could give me some good career advice.  Lips pursed and looking irritated she sized me up for a minute then said, “I AM Lynn.”  She invited me to take a seat. Years later she told me it was my willingness to not let anything stop me that led her to talk to me rather than call security that day.

Doug Grady, a personal achievement expert, says “generally speaking, obstacles fall into two categories: external and internal. External obstacles include environments and conditions which appear to be undesirable. In addition, lack of resources and other people fall into this category … Internal obstacles take the form of negative emotions, characteristics, habits and addictions.”

An external obstacle in your career could be:

•    Not having the right education or experience to get the job you want
•    Being overlooked for a promotion or job interview
•    A challenging boss who won’t give you credit, mentor or promote you
•    Not having the connections you need to make the inroads needed

Internal roadblocks may include:

•    That little voice within that wants you to stay stuck and doubts your capabilities
•    Believing you’re not good enough, talented enough, smart enough, worthy enough
•    Holding negative emotions about your current boss or situations
•    Being addicted to continuing the drama with co-workers at work
•    Procrastinating working on your resume or following up on a lead

Doug provides seven steps you can use to overcome obstacles in your career or life:

1.    Make a list of the obstacles you currently face.
2.    Label them internal or external.
3.    Rate each as small, medium, or BIG.
4.    Pick a BIG, external obstacle.
5.    What is in the other side of this obstacle? Get very clear on the value of overcoming this obstacle. What would become possible for you?
6.    Now look at your internal obstacle. Which of these, if overcome, would enable you to conquer your external obstacle?
7.    Get to work on the internal obstacle.

To learn more about how to personally overcome obstacles and find the fulfillment you need in your career, access my complimentary Career Fulfillment Assessment and don’t let any closed doors stop you!