Are You Miserable at Work?

Wait, let me rephrase that … Are you drinking 15 cups of coffee a day just to stay ahead?

Do you go to work everyday wishing you were going somewhere else?

Overworking business woman suffering from headache

Is your boss or are your colleagues driving you crazy? Is one more ridiculous task about to send you over the edge?  Are you about to go to happy hour right now to drown your workday sorrows?  Is it 7 pm?  Are you still at work right now?

S T O P !  Stop the Madness!

To make the best of your work life, expertly handle emergency work situations and get answers quick, request a Career Advice session. You’ll find a safe, confidential, place to vent, to discuss what’s going on and to get the answers you need from an expert consultant who’s been in the trenches advising professionals for over 15 years.

Coach Linda shows you how to stop wasting your time stewing, feeling stuck, miserable or boring your family and friends to death about what’s going on at work. Think about the worst part of your job that you can’t fix and get the solutions you need.

Why waste $20 bucks at happy hour when you can skip the hangover and get these handled:

  • Sudden conflicts or uncomfortable, awkward, seemingly no-win situations
  • Communication difficulties
  • Writing emails that don’t offend
  • A boss you don’t get a long with or a supervisor who doesn’t understand you
  • Nasty co-workers looking to do you in
  • Burning yourself out and being sick of it
  • Dastardly office politics
  • Promoting yourself effectively
  • Finding new opportunities
  • Selling yourself with a professional resume

When you’re miserable at work find out what to do and how to do it.  Get:

  • relief right away
  • a reality check
  • next steps
  • important strategies
  • doable solutions
  • just-in-time answers

Schedule your 60 minute, confidential coaching session here.