“Your career should work for you instead of you giving up your life for your career.” – Linda Hardenstein


Is your job so stressful and unrewarding you feel like you’re dying a little each day?

Are you searching for a job or meaningful career and not getting anywhere?

Do you want a career that adds meaning to your life instead of sapping your energy and leaving you unmotivated and unfulfilled?

Are you dealing with a difficult manager or coworker that makes work so unbearable you’d like to leave but you just can’t afford to?

Being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, or searching for one and not getting positive results is painful.  It creates stress, causes burnout, adversely affects your health, your relationships and your life.  I know.  I’ve been there.

I know the only thing more frustrating than being in a job that isn’t right for you is unknowingly repeating the same pattern — finding another job that looks good on paper, but ends up just as disappointing as the last one.

My career services have helped hundreds of professionals — from college students to attorneys, managers and executives — by providing:

  • Answers so you know what you need for your career to be authentic, meaningful and rewarding
  • Strategies to survive and thrive in a job you can’t afford to leave
  • Tools to land a job you’ll love, or to achieve the promotion you want
  • Motivation and support to stay on target and achieve what you want
  • A resume that sets you apart and gets your foot in the door
  • Techniques to overcome the jitters and ace your interview

PLUS you’ll get your personal blueprint, packed with customized strategies and tools that you can refer to throughout your career.

What sets me apart from other career coaches?  I’m a strategist who has spent time in the trenches overcoming a lot of the same experiences my clients deal with — being in jobs that weren’t the right fit and figuring out how to make them work anyway, being out of work and searching  in a tough market, figuring out the right strategies to get promoted and, as a hiring manager, choosing the candidate who is the right fit.

Contact me today to apply for your complimentary Career Success Strategy Session.  We’ll craft your strategy for finding a new job, or surviving in the one you have, in 90 days or less.