As a career strategist, I believe when the job you choose matches who you are and what you’re here to do, and you find the right environment to do it in, life is so much easier.

Whether you’re searching for the right job, or want a different experience where you’re working now, I can help.  My career services include:

  • Discovering your authentic career path and landing a job that best suits you
  • Giving you the tools and steps to make a successful career transition
  • Coaching to gain confidence for interviewing and conducting negotiations
  • High-level job searches and networking
  • Resume writing and creating your professional profile

All services are customized to meet your needs so you get the greatest benefit for your investment. Services are delivered nation-wide in person, via phone or Skype.

Linda promises and delivers solid strategies and solutions that make it easy for you to take action and be successful.  Her iron clad guarantee is that you’ll receive insights, a positive shift or progress toward the goals you want to achieve or we’ll keep working with you for FREE until you do.

The first step? Contact Linda for a no obligation, complimentary consultation so she can learn about your situation and offer you the best possible results for your time and investment.

Your “Foot in the Door” Resume 
Make sure your resume gets noticed with this confidential consultation that includes the creation or rewrite of your resume and one revision.                                                                                                                         

Job Search Package —

For the professional who wants a job in the same field and wants all the tools to make his or her search bring speedy, positive results. 

  •  Three confidential coaching sessions to establish strategies your step-by-step plan
  • Resume review and re-write to get your foot in the door
  • Creation or review of your on-line profile
  • Job search strategies that get you noticed
  • Networking and job search assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Email support during your engagement

Jump Start Your Career Success Package-
For the college graduate who doesn’t want to waste any time finding the right path and landing the right job for a lifetime of career success.

  • Three confidential coaching sessions
  • A confidence-boosting 3-hour Career Assessment to identify the “right path” for greater happiness and success
  • Conduct a successful, organized, focused, productive job search
  • Create your “foot in the door” resume
  • Supervised homework and exercises
  • Establish an on-line presence that attracts employers to you
  • Learn confidence-building techniques to perform at your best on an interview
  • Follow up check ins to keep you motivated and on track to land your new job
  • Supervised homework and exercises
  • Email support during your engagement
  • Additional strategy sessions at the special discounted rate of $150 per hour

Plus:  Your Life Theme Workbook, Career Strategy Booklet and Job Search Tracker.

Career Discovery Package to Make Your Career Transition a Success –
For the attorney, professional, executive or manager who wants a career that matches who they are for greater satisfaction and fulfillment from work and a more balanced life.

  • Your Authentic Career Assessment so you know the direction for your next career move, why you’re unhappy and what to do about it
  • Four confidential, strategic coaching sessions to
  • A Career Blueprint to avoid repeating unrewarding career choices
  • A Strategic Plan of Action for a targeted, focused, productive search
  • Establishment of an on-line presence that sells your talents and attracts opportunities to you
  • Confidence building interview techniques and preparation
  • A decision-making tool to evaluate your choices so you can make the right decision
  • Strategies to effectively deal with your current situation until you’ve made a switch
  • Job search strategies and assistance
  • Supervised homework and exercises
  • Email support during your engagement
  • Additional strategy sessions at the special discounted rate of $150 per hour

Includes depending on your needs:   Executive Contacts or Introductions, Networking Advice and Opportunities,  Job Search Tracker, and follow-up check ins.

Your “Just in Time”  Consultation to Get Back in Control of Your Work Situation —
for the manager or director seeking an independent trusted adviser and strategic guidance so you can handle the workplace dilemma that is keeping you up at night and get back on the path of being in control of your career instead of it controlling you:

  • A “just in time” one-hour confidential phone consultation when you need it
  • Objective analysis of your situation so you can make the best possible decision
  • Identification of viable options you may not have considered
  • Assistance with communications strategies and work life balance
  • Action steps that get your situation handled with confidence and success