Getting your work done,
managing teams, grooming
millennials, keeping employees
motivated, and developing your
people can be challenging.


You’re walking through the office and it seems people are checked out, you're getting more complaints, and projects aren’t moving forward the way you want them to.

You want your people to be better managers, to take less of your time, to stop bickering, to get motivated, and to stop resisting change.

You wish you could walk into the office and see everyone engaged, more productive, and effective yet you've run out of ideas for how to make that happen.

You’re not alone. With the onset of millennials in the workplace, the advancement of technology, and ever-increasing distractions, many companies are feeling the pain of an overwhelmed and disengaged workforce.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  Linda knows how to provide the solutions that help managers and leaders be more productive, motivate employees, and has powerful teams working together to achieve a shared vision, and creates a positive work environment that resolves your biggest headaches.

Here's how I can help you:

  • Cultivate managers and leaders to develop stellar people skills to be more efficient and effective in their roles
  • Build high functioning teams to create a positive productive workplace
  • Work with your millennials so they are productive and engaged and want to stay
  • Conquer overwhelm, improve morale, reduce stress and increase positivity and engagement to end the urgent and costly trend of employee overload
  • Facilitate better communication at all levels to reduce costly conflict and gain solutions for seemingly unsolvable situations

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"The solutions Linda presented and implemented made a tremendous difference for the leadership team, resulting in the Charlotte Hub operations realizing its best 3rd quarter performance in 6 years."

–T.P., Station Director

"Linda Hardenstein designed and facilitated 25 board members to update our association’s vision, mission, and values to set and align our business goals for the next two years.  Although the agenda was very ambitious, all of our goals for our 3-hour event were met."

S. H., CEO

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