Connecting What Matters

“Connecting what matters” … poignant words from someone who knows she wants more meaning in her career.  Tired of being bored to tears every day, targetfeeling drained, not being challenged, and feeling frustrated from not using her talents, she feels like her career is going nowhere fast.  

That can happen when we’re not connected to what truly matters.   We start living according to what we think we should want, what someone else wants, or because we don’t know what we do want, we end up living what we don’t want.

Have you ever felt like, “hey, I’ve put in all of this effort, picked this job, made this sacrifice or decision and thought it was going to lead me somewhere wonderful?” Only to feel empty because you’re just not getting that boost, that thrill from doing what floats your boat?

Discovering what truly matters isn’t often a priority.  It can get easily buried under your to-do list.  It can be obliterated by daily distractions, or it can just plain get lost in the shuffle because sometimes we just have no clue what matters to us anymore.

As a Professional Certified Coach and Career Strategist I’ve guided hundreds of professionals to find meaning and fulfillment in their careers.  It all starts with clarity around what truly matters to get you 100% aligned with your talents, values, passion and purpose.

As the summer wanes and vacations come to an end, it’s a great time to think about how you want to feel at the end of this year.  Fall brings with it crisp new beginnings and opportunities to gain clarity about what truly matters to you so you can find the happiness and meaning you’re looking for from your career.

If you’re interested in getting more details on how to quickly and easily get connected to what matters and gain better results in your career, click here to qualify for your complimentary Career Results Strategy Session with me.  We’ll explore and find out how you can have a results breakthrough in your career.  I have a limited number of appointments available and request that only people who are serious about dramatically increasing their career happiness and are ready to take the next step apply for a time to talk.

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Linda Hardenstein, MPA, is a Professional Certified Coach and Career Strategist who takes professionals from just surviving to thriving in their careers by zeroing in and tapping into their unique strengths, unseen potential and the power in who they already are.