Conquer Overwhelm By Re-Energizing Your Office

With breathless enthusiasm an East Coast friend described the long-awaited Spring — blue sky, warm sunshine and delicate Cherry Blossoms. No matter where you live, Spring enlivens the spirit. Our environment is rejuvenated with lush green hills and trees. We too are re-energized and renewed. Something new and fresh beckons and we’re compelled to clean and plant new seeds — figuratively and literally. We respond to what’s happening in our environment without realizing it.Read More

Most people don’t consider how their physical environment keeps them feeling energized, successful or overwhelmed at work. But what surrounds you Spring_tulips_websends you messages all day long. So how can you take advantage of the rejuvenating qualities of Spring to conquer overwhelm and get re-energized at work? Here’s 5 tips:

1. Take a look at your office. Stand in your office doorway, close your eyes, open them and pretend you’re seeing your office for the first time. What does it say about you — that you’re stressed, on top of things, capable of handling a promotion, balanced, at peace, overwhelmed or in chaos? What message do you want to affirm to yourself and everyone else who walks by?

2. What are the qualities you want others to think of when they think of you? Capable, on-top-of-things, in charge, family-oriented, dedicated? Do the items you have in your office convey these qualifies? I worked with a client to align her office with her goal to land a promotion. She had lots of stuffed animals in her office. They may have been appropriate for some offices, like in a school or child therapists office, but they didn’t reflect the type of hard-hitting VP position she was applying for (and landed!).

3. Clean out and put away closed files or projects that have ended to clear space for something new.

4. Bring some of the rejuvenating qualities of nature inside — put flowers on your desk or hang a picture of a forest, a mountain, an ocean or someplace that brings you peace or re-energizes you.

5. Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed. It can waste your valuable time and energy if you’re constantly digging through it looking for things. Clutter also creates stagnation in the flow of your energy. (If you’re really busy you need all that good energy flowing right?) Take the time to clear your clutter and get the benefit of feeling lighter and re-energized right away.

How have you re-energized your office this Spring?

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC helps busy people reclaim and re-energize their business and life by conquering overwhelm and getting into greater productivity, profitability and peace of mind. Feel free to contact her with questions about how to shift your office to better represent your brand or to help you meet your career goals.