The only thing more frustrating than being in a job that isn’t right for you is unknowingly repeating the same pattern — finding another job that looks good on paper, but ends up just as disappointing as the last one.

This happens because until you are aligned with your career on all levels, you will always feel that something’s not quite right … and you’d be right.

I have helped hundreds of professionals — from college students to attorneys, managers and executives — discover who they are and what they should be doing to find the job and the environment that suits them, using the four elements that I’ve discovered are the keys to thriving in your career and life.

“Leverage your high potential and who you are into a career that is meaningful.”

What do you get when you work with me?

I offer a unique, holistic and comprehensive approach that goes far beyond the standard assessment of your skills or personality.  You receive:

  • An understanding of who you are and the best career choice for you
  • Clarity on a direction and validation that the direction you choose is right for you
  • Strategies, tools and guidance for your successful job search
  • A resume that stands out and gets your foot in the door, even in a crowded job market
  • An on-line profile that gets you noticed and found by recruiters
  • Interview preparation so you’re calm and confident to land the job you want
  • Concrete action steps and support to keep you motivated
  • Work that is meaningful and leads to enhanced well-being and a more balanced life


“You have a purpose, a reason for being here, and a contribution to make … find it.”

Get started finding your authentic career by contacting me today to schedule your complimentary consultation so I can design the package that meets your unique needs.