Creating a Home Office that Supports Your Success


Yesterday I posted “What Does Your Office Say About You” and received a comment asking for additional tips for people who have a home office that no one else sees. It’s my pleasure to provide three tips for creating a home office that supports your success.

It is just as important, maybe even more so, to consciously establish an office that supports you in being successful in your business if you’re working at home. Why? If you’re a solopreneur, you’re most likely alone a good part of your workday. So you’ve got to stay motivated, focused and energized and a powerful, harmonized, balanced, nurturing space can help you do that.

  • Claim Your Space. Some people I know who work at home have no designated “office space.”  They are what I call “office gypsies” — have lap top will travel. They may work at a kitchen table, in the living room or bedroom, or go to a coffee shop. If you’re finding it hard to stay focused, you’re easily distracted and not grounded, this could be a contributing factor. Stake a claim on a designated space for your work. I work individually with clients to review their office set up to make sure it functionally supports their work style and provides a good foundation from which they can be successful. I’ve even helped people who work in their garage create work spaces that support productivity and prosperity!
  • Surround yourself with only things that you love. If you work alone its important to stay motivated. Being at home it’s easy to get distracted by chores, TV, or other at home temptations corporate folks don’t face. Working in an environment that is inviting helps you stay motivated, focused and energized because you want to be there. Situate your desk so you have a view out the window, keep fresh flowers on your desk. Add personal touches like pillows in chairs and colors that make you feel calm.  Remember, what surrounds you either energizes you or drains you. You want your workspace to be uplifting so it can encourage your creativity!
  • Place things in your office that represent the success you want to achieve. For example, maybe one of your goals is to be on the cover of a national magazine. Make up a mock magazine cover with your picture on the front and hang it on the wall to remind you of where you’re headed.  (This is a lot easier to do in a home office than in a corporate office!)  If you want greater prosperity put something in your office that makes you feel rich. (In my work with individual clients we pick items that are most meaningful to them. I review their space in person or on-line to let them know where the objects should be placed so they support the goals they want to achieve. Aligning your space with your goals helps to remove hidden blocks to success and accelerates the achievement of your goals.)

I hope this additional information helps you create a space that is productive and empowering. Let me know if you have questions about creating your own peak performance environment by leaving a comment or emailing me directly at