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Do you hate your job?

Overworking business woman suffering from headacheAre you dissatisfied with your career?

Want something better?

Why just survive at work when you could be thriving in a career that you love?

The Cure Your Career Blues e-book will show you how to find a job you love or love the job you have by Shifting out of Just Surviving for greater happiness at work and in your life.

Tip: Write down 5 things you love to do. How many of them are you doing in your current job?

Are you trying to decide what’s next in your career? Struggling with indecision can be frustrating, especially if you’re unhappy at work. Pinpoint what you need to fulfill your goals for career happiness and more meaningful work.

How? You’ll find a free assessment to help you do just that in the Cure Your Career Blues E-book.

Gain clarity, focus and motivation to shift out of surviving and get into thriving at work. Greater success, satisfaction and happiness in your work and life can be yours!

Cure Your Career Blues E-Book

The Cure Your Career Blues e-book is a 35-page on-line guide that shows you how to:E-book cover Pat

  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Decide what’s next
  • Discover how to stay where you are and make it better
  • Get out of a current job that’s dragging you down and get a new, more fulfilling one
  • Head in a new direction to change your work and your life for the better

Unlike other books that tell you how to conduct your job search, this e-book gives you more — it is packed full of strategies, exercises and tips to get what you want from your career..

Here’s what you walk away with:

  • Strategies to stop giving more than 100% and being a “working martyr”
  • Turnarounds for being undervalued and unappreciated
  • Ways to find purpose, meaning and what truly matters rather than just being a slave to a paycheck
  • How to unmask who you really are and find a path to job satisfaction
  • Where to put your precious time and energy to make a positive shift happen in your career and life
  • How to be happier in your career whether you stay at your current job or move on
  • Practical tips for a winning resume and staying motivated as you move forward
  • Steps to take now to create the results you’re looking for


  • A free assessment to help you pinpoint what you need in order to fulfill your goals for career happiness and more meaningful work
  • 5 Sure Fire Strategies to Impress the Interviewer

At the end of this e-book you will:

  • Have gained clarity and focus about your career path so you can get more of what you want
  • Discovered whether you need to stay in your current job or whether it’s time to find something new
  • Know what steps to take right now to thrive, not just survive, at work and in your career going forward

You will have what you need to move forward and make a difference in your career and your life.

Why listen to me?

LindaHardenstein-webI have coached hundreds of people (from millennials just starting out to mid-career professionals, like attorneys, IT and HR executives) to find careers they love and jobs that are satisfying.

Like most of my clients, I have been in the trenches, working in jobs that I didn’t like but staying in them to get a paycheck.  I know what it’s like to search for jobs in tough environments and to sell your soul for a “corporate” job.  Most importantly, I know how to get out of jobs that are destructive and find a career path that provides meaning and satisfaction every day. As a matter of fact, 94% of the professionals who have purchased my THRIVE package find rewarding jobs and report being happy in them from two to six years later.

I am a Professional Certified Coach, mentor coach and graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program. I hold a master’s in public administration, which I earned while working full time. I have been in the position of evaluating and hiring people as a manager of multi-million dollar programs for large organizations and law firms.

My programs and services help you:

  • Find the career and path that is the right fit for you
  • Develop the tools you need to conduct a successful job search
  • Land the job that matches who you are for greater happiness in your work and life

Bottom line, my passion is, and I’m dedicated to helping professionals thrive, rather than just survive in their careers! Start getting what you want from your career NOW!

Your investment in Yourself and Your Future Starts Here …

35-page Cure Your Career Blues e-book ONLY$15.97 on sale now for $9.97

What Linda’s Clients Say:

 Linda is an incredibly insightful woman who validated my passion, recognized my full potential, motivated me to expect more from myself and others, and essentially saved me from career suicide.  She is worth every penny spent on her services. – K.S., Attorney, California

Linda’s most remarkable quality is her ability to quickly devise excellent solutions to any career challenge you may face. She has helped me overcome countless obstacles in my career… Linda has been an invaluable resource in career communication. Whether I was having trouble communicating with a superior or simply having trouble finding the right words for an important e-mail, Linda made herself available and came up with great solutions in almost no time. She listens attentively, asks important questions and gives great advice on how to move forward. Linda Hardenstein’s input provides every client with an unparalleled advantage in his or her career. She has been right behind every one of my career successes and I look forward to her propelling me into further success. – B.B., Millennial, California

I very much benefited from my coaching time with Linda. I found her to be insightful and responsive to me and my needs. She was objective and raised issues of which I should be aware and take into consideration … she helped me avoid what in hindsight might have been a bad professional decision. I highly recommend her. – R.E., HR Director, Pennsylvania

I rely on Linda often for just in time coaching on a range of issues such as advice to prepare me for a promotions review, options for negotiations, and approaches for challenging professional situations. She offers a fresh perspective and identifies opportunities that I would have never imagined. She is flexible with a broad span of expertise in both personal and professional development. – J.S., Director,  California

Working with Linda has been a pleasure–and a big help to my career.  She helped me assess my current career choice and plan for a new position, listening carefully to my goals and concerns, and working with me to fine-tune my approach.  She was very effective in helping me look at the “big picture” as well as in advising me how to handle everyday workplace concerns.  She takes a holistic approach, is keenly insightful and is a breeze to work with.  I highly recommend Linda and look forward to continuing to work with her. – L. R., Attorney, California

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