Cure Your Career Blues

Is your job leading you nowhere instead of where you want to be?

Overworking business woman suffering from headacheAre you sacrificing the joy, happiness and meaningful work you’d like to be doing each day for a paycheck in a mind-numbing job instead?

Are you acknowledged for what you do? Or do you dread Monday’s and live for Fridays “wishing” you were happier in your career?

As a career strategist who guides professionals to find their authentic career path and a job that provides meaning and fulfillment, I speak with a lot of people who work hard and put in a lot of hours to get somewhere, only to discover that “somewhere” isn’t where they want to be. Many of them work 24/7 and make a lot of money. Many of them are unhappy because a boss, or company never recognizes them for the effort they put in or the contribution they make.  Some hate what they’re doing or what they’re doing sucks them dry day-after-day. They wonder where things went wrong or what’s wrong with them. They sacrifice their joy and have their passion for fun with family and friends drained out of them by the sheer drudgery of going to work everyday. The happiness and fulfillment that comes from meaningful work is a fading wish abandoned by the side of a desolate road somewhere waiting, wanting to be found again.

If you feel this way or answered yes to even one of the questions above it’s a signal that the career happiness and success you want is eluding you. If your body, mind or spirit is depleted by the work you do, that wise voice in your head or heart is letting you know that for your own well-being, something needs to shift.

You’re here on earth to do so much more than be an empty cog on a wheel suffering every day for a paycheck. You have gifts to contribute. You are the leader of your life. It is possible to get more of what you want from your career AND get a paycheck. It starts with discovering who you truly are and the career and job that is the right fit for you. Once you find your authentic career path, the one that is in alignment with who you are and what you’re here to do, your job won’t even feel like work. It fuels your passion, your creativity and generates everything needed for your deepest desires to come true.

Find your authentic career path and what you were designed to do. Land a job that takes you where you want to be. Learn more at or get the Cure Your Career Blues E-book. 94% of those who experienced Linda Hardenstein’s THRIVE program have found jobs that make them happy and report still feeling that way two to over six years later.

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