Do You Need a Career Boost?

Is your job so stressful and unrewarding you feel like you’re dying a little each day?Workplace headache

Do you feel trapped and stymied at work?

Are you dealing with a difficult manager or coworker who makes the 8 or 10 hours a day you spend at work so unbearable you can’t wait to leave … but you just can’t afford to?

Shift Out of Just Surviving and Into Thriving at Work

Being stuck in a job you don’t enjoy creates stress, causes burnout, and has a powerful negative effect on your health, your relationships and your life.  I know.  I’ve been there, staying in jobs that weren’t the right fit and “making them work” anyway.

top-banSo how do you revitalize your career so you can thrive in a job you can’t afford to leave?

You get strategic with a powerful plan that’s easily and comfortably carried out to get you the results you want without jeopardizing your job.  I’ve done it and so have my clients — and it’s been the road out to a new, more improved work environment and situation.

How do you start if you’re ready to experience the fulfillment that comes from a work environment and life that is 100% aligned with your talent, values, passion and purpose?  Take the assessment and find out what’s stopping you from having career happiness now at

Linda Hardenstein, MPA is a Professional Certified Coach, Career Strategist, Speaker and Author.  She has the uncanny ability to zero in on your unique strengths and unseen potential to take you from surviving to thriving in a career that you will love.  Linda has spent a life inspiring professionals to find the power in who they already are.  Learn more about Linda here.