Don't Get Whipped Around in 2011!

“I’m working on everything I don’tMap-Pin want instead of everything I DO want.”  Sound familiar? With so much on our plates these days it’s easy to get pulled off course and whipped around by the agenda of others. Before you know it, another year has come and gone. You’re no further along — still wanting, hoping, and wishing for the same thing you wanted in your life last December.

Wouldn’tit be more gratifying to move forward?

Here’s some tips for moving forward in 2011:

  • Have a Direction.  How often do we go to a conference and hear about the latest thing, jump on a new idea, take a friend’s suggestion, only to discover (sometimes months or years later), that we just unconsciously took a fork in the road? If we’re not clear on what we want and where we’re headed, that fork can take us on quite a joy ride. If you’re clear on where you want to go, why and how you’re going to get there, its much easier to evaluate opportunities and to say “no” when you’re getting off your path. Determining your direction also helps to conquer the overwhelm that comes from being scattered in a million different directions. Every year I create a Success Map™ to help me stay focused, on target, and accomplishing more of what I want. It provides a clear destination and the steps for getting there.
  • Scan the Rear View Mirror.  A fork in the road cannot only derail you and waste your time, it can cost money and energy. Reviewing the current year — the good (what you’re most proud of), the bad (what you could do better) and the ugly (what you wished never would have happened and don’t what to happen again) — allows you to see the results of the decisions you made. Look around. Is there a virtual “graveyard” in your office of software that didn’t work, an idea that took off, a product or service you paid for that wasn’t really all that helpful? A review of the past provides an opportunity to duplicate your success and to learn from your mistakes.
  • Follow Your Compass. We all have a sixth sense. Whether you call it your “gut,” “intuition,” or “just a feeling,” follow it. Not following it can get you whipped around and in a lot of trouble. Before deciding on the path to take, the direction to head, do your gut check and discern what is right for you.

Let me know if you’d like more tips on defining your direction and staying on course for greater success in 2011. I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, helps executives, service providers and managers like you who have the challenge of staying as efficient as possible given your busy schedule, accomplish more each day, provide exceptional client service, and get free from that feeling of overwhelm that keeps your stress level way too high.  
(c) Linda L. Hardenstein, 2010