Feeling Lost? Tips for Finding Your Career Path

Have you ever hiked or driven in unfamiliar territory only to discover you’re lost? Compass-RoseA compass, a map or a GPS will get you back on track.

If you’re feeling lost in your career  — you’re in a job that is making you unhappy, you’re being under-utilized and are bored to death, you want a change but don’t know how to go about it, or you just don’t know what you’re looking for – here are some tools can help you find your path.

What is my path?

According to Wikipedia a compass was originally used as a divination tool in an “attempt to gain insight” into a question.  Even though it’s uncomfortable, “not knowing” is a tool like a compass.  It leads to insight.  I told a priest once I felt lost on my career path.  He said wandering in the desert is just as important as the times when you know where you’re headed.  Wandering spurns inner reflection that ultimately takes you to a new level of understanding.

Be willing to explore your path, either alone or with a coach, mentor or friend.  Ask yourself or journal about what you really like doing, what you hate doing, and what contribution you want to make to the world.  When I work with clients we use an assessment to provide these answers and to lead to their purpose and who they truly are, so we can find the path that matches the gifts they were meant to contribute to the world.  From my own experience and my client’s, a path that matches who you are makes jobs easier to find, provides greater satisfaction from your work and life becomes less complicated.

Do you believe?  If you are familiar with the concept that thoughts are things and believe you’ll never find the right path, guess what, you won’t. Take this opportunity to dig deep and discover what you really believe. Is it possible to have a job that you truly love?  Find out what beliefs are keeping you stuck, holding you back, or blocking opportunities from coming your way.

I’ve witnessed amazing gifts come to clients who are willing to use “feeling lost” as a time to explore and gain the insights that lead to a meaningful career path.  I’m sure these tips and tools can work for you too.

If you have found your path, leave me a comment to share you success.  If you have any questions or would like to explore your career path through a complimentary consultation, contact me.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is a certified coach and accomplished career strategist with extensive experience serving hundreds of professionals by leading them to discover their authentic career path.  She provides the tools you need to land a satisfying job and to achieve your career and life goals.