Finding a Way Forward: True Inspiration from Real Life Heroes

This guest blog post is contributed and written by Erick Hare, an experienced Behavioral Analyst, Ropes Instructor and team leader who encourages, motivates, empowers and trains individuals to overcome their fears and move forward. 

Have you ever faced a time in your life when it was hard to see the way forward? breakthough

Whether due to unforeseen accidents, weather events, family issues, setbacks at work, unemployment or whatever else life may hurl at us, it’s finding the way forward through these times of difficulty that really shape who we are as  individuals and our perspective of the world.  It is in these times when we are at our weakest that we need encouragement and inspiration to move forward.

On CBS Sunday Morning, which aired November 10, 2013, David Martin reported about a unique Band of Brothers — wounded soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan who didn’t know what to do with the rest of their lives. The Wounded Warriors have found a way forward and inspiration in music.  Rock legend Roger Waters has come alongside them to help this band of brothers learn, grow and move forward together into the future.

It has all been made possible by the work of Arthur Bloom a Julliard-trained musician who teaches music at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C.  Bloom teaches these Wounded Warriors how to play music and in the process they find their way forward. Bloom said, “This is not about music lessons; it’s about recovering from unbearable loss.”

Bloom also brings in famous musicians to work with his students like Roger Waters and Yo-Yo Ma. Working with the soldiers Yo-Yo Ma told them, “What you’re doing here is unbelievable, because it transcends all the moments from before and you’re getting to a fantastic place.”

Josh Cawthorne lost his leg and right eye along with his best friend to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.  He told Martin that the music had saved his life, “It’s everything, emotional therapy, physical, whatever you can think of it’s the best.”

To see these veterans’ story is not only inspirational, it puts our own personal struggles into perspective and shows all of us that we can triumph and succeed no matter what the circumstances.