Finding Happiness at Work 2010

A friend shared that 62% of people who are employed are very unhappy. Most of us spend the majority of our time at work. Why not make finding happiness at work a goal for Reaching-Goals-modified2010? You could start by:Read More

Celebrating Your Success. Lots of times we’re so focused on what we didn’t accomplish we forget to honor all we did. Review your 2009 goals and all you achieved. If you didn’t have goals for 2009, reflect on what you learned, accomplished, who you met, and how you grew.

Zeroing in on What You Want. It’s easy to go along, work day after day, and not think about what you want from the precious time you spend at work. But with no goals of your own defined it’s easy to end up working according to everyone else’s plan. Before you know it, another year has gone by. Most people who are successful in work and in life take time out for some soul searching to zero in on what they really want.

If you find yourself in that dry patch of not knowing what you want, go easy on yourself. A priest told me once that wandering in the desert is just as important as moving forward. With patience those empty spaces lead to the next big idea, plan, or commitment to change. If you’d rather not wait you can try listing what you don’t want and deduce what you do want from your list.

Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You
. Sometimes there are things, people, and stuff in our lives that drain our energy and we don’t even realize it. Look around and evaluate what no longer serves you. Maybe it’s an attitude; a habit, like getting to work late or procrastinating. Maybe it’s a cluttered and disorganized office or a conflict with a co-worker that needs to be brought to peace. Maybe it’s a dream that no longer fits who you’ve become, or something more literal – a suit or outfit that doesn’t fit any more and needs to be given away to benefit someone else.

Writing Your Plan.
Your plan for 2010 can be as simple as writing down two or three things, people, emotions, habits or qualities you want more of in your life. Take a few minutes to visualize and feel what life will be like with these new additions. Then, decide what you’ll do differently – the steps you’ll take, the support you’ll seek, the timelines you’ll set and the specific outcomes you’ll achieve.

Celebrating your accomplishments, exploring what you want, letting go of anything that holds you back and writing a new plan of action are simple steps for finding happiness at work in 2010. All the best!

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC gets busy people out of overwhelm and into greater productivity, profitability and balance. She designs innovative solutions for individuals who are ready to achieve personal breakthroughs and find fulfillment in their careers, retirement and life.