Five Easy Steps for Getting Your Career Back on Track


Are you feeling stressed, burned out, or like you’re going nowhere in your career? If you find yourself constantly complaining about your job to family, friends and co-workers, it may be time to set a new career direction. Here’s five easy steps for getting your career back on track:

  1. Review these 11 Signs Your Career Has Stalled and check off the ones that are relevant to you.
  2. Identify your options. It’s easy to feel stuck or to have blinders on when it comes to being able to see beyond your current situation. As a career coach one thing I do is help my clients see opportunities they may not have noticed before. If career coaching isn’t for you, try brainstorming with a trusted friend or family member to create a list of your career options and what you’d like to accomplish in your career.
  3. Make a plan. What are the benefits you want from all of the hard work, hours and energy you put in every day? Maybe you’d like to learn something new, interact more with people, become more well-known, or get a promotion. Maybe you want a paycheck to pay for the bills and a lifestyle where you have more time with your family.  Once you’re clear on what you want, make a plan so it is more likely to happen.
  4. Make it real. Identify your next steps.  Do you need additional skills or training? How will you let others know about your goal? What support systems do you need to accomplish your career goal?
  5. Take action!

A well-thought out and executed career plan can help you alleviate stress and burn out by providing clarity and focus so you know what you’re doing and why. It can provide the positive direction that ultimately leads to more satisfaction in your work and life.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC helps you find new directions in your career by identifying the kind of work you’ll love and helping you achieve successful career or retirement transitions. Find out more at her website and feel free to send her your career questions.