Following Your Path to Greatness

By Linda L. Hardenstein

This is an update of my August 31, 2011 post entitled “Career Success: Following Your Path to Greatness.”

Steve Jobs had a lot to teach us about truly “listening” to and being guided by our inner voice. What an amazing example of boundless creativity and fearless action that man was.

“Trust that it will all work out ok,” are inspiring words of wisdom Steve Jobs’ shares during his commencement address at Stanford University in 2005. “Follow your curiosity and intuition” he says as he shows how his path led to greatness.

When my clients who are seeking to find the kind of job or career they’ll love take the Life Theme Assessment they usually say “you know, I always thought about doing that.”

Steve’s speech reminds us that life usually gives us clues, inklings about our true path. It’s not always easy to listen or to respond to that calling like Steve Jobs did. Sometimes we push that little voice aside that gets us in touch with what we really want and we decided to go for the money instead or we think somehow following our path is harder than staying miserable in a job we don’t like.

And yet, time and again I’ve witnessed, and have experienced in my own career, as Steve Jobs’ so aptly put it — if you find what you love, have faith and don’t settle, what you desire eventually comes to you.

At this time in our history when new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions are so needed in our economy and our world it’s worth considering — what amazing avenues of creativity would open for you in life if you truly listened and followed the dots?

If you were inspired by Steve Job’s speech, leave a comment about how his words of wisdom touched you.

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