How Do You Know the Job is the Right Fit for You?

By Linda L. Hardenstein

So you’re excited about your job interview. You should be. Getting to the interview stage is quite a feat. It shows Diverse-Teamyou have what I call a “foot-in-the-door” resume and you’ve met key qualifications.

To prepare for your interview you’ve no doubt researched the company and created killer questions for your interviewer. But wait … how will you really know if the job is the right fit for you?

Most people think it’s a no brainer — if you like the salary, the interviewer and what you’re going to be doing you’ll be fine. Not true.

Just as interviewers screen you to see if you’re the right fit for the company, if you want to be satisfied in your new job you’ve got to find out if the job is right for you. Here are three critical things to ask about to help you make that determination:

1. Your boss. If you’ve ever had a boss who wasn’t a good match you know how hard it is to go to work every day. Ask your potential boss to tell you about his or her management style. From the answers you’ll be able to get some clues as to whether your styles will mesh.

2. Your colleagues. You’ll need to get along well with your co-workers to thrive in your new career. Will you be part of a team, or will you be working independently? If you’re part of a team find out how long have they been in existence. You’ll get clues on how well you’ll fit in and whether others will be there to mentor you. If you’ll be working independently how good are you at working alone?

3. Your environment. Your success depends on you being productive, staying focused and getting things done. Will you be in an open environment? Some people thrive in these spaces and manage fine with the distractions of being in a cubicle. Others need quiet to concentrate and stay productive. I’m not recommending asking for your own office at this stage, but it’s important to think about how well suited you are to the type of environment you’ll be expected to excel in.

A job can be a great or a miserable daily experience. That’s why in my work with clients we spend time finding out what makes you tick so you’re more likely to find the best job fit and have a great daily experience. Doing some self exploration helps you find the right questions for you to ask. The answers you get give you that extra edge you need to know if you’re making the right decision about taking the job or not.

For your career happiness you owe it to yourself to do just as much “right fit” analysis as your potential employer.

Have you been in a job that was the right fit? What made it so? Please leave your comments below.

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