How to Find the Road to Freedom In Your Career

I know what I want to do but I feel like my hands are tied and keeping me from getting where I need to be.”roadblock

Have you ever felt like this? Trapped in a job you wanted to break free from? I have.  I lived it.  I know how intensely frustrating it is.  I also know if you stay stuck too long in a situation that is stifling you, your confidence gets eroded.  Your self-esteem gets deflated.  Before you know it, you’re believing you’ll never break free and get the kind of job or career that you want and know you deserve.

As a Career Strategist since 2002 I’ve heard many stories from people about why their hands are tied. “I have bills to pay.”  “I’ve got to eat, after all!” Sometimes it’s an evil boss who’s holding you back. Or, there are just no opportunities where you are now. Sometimes it’s politics or a co-worker causing the roadblock.  No matter the reason, I’ve found there are many ways to unchain the shackles, pry open the doors, and I’ve broken free and you can do it too!

Here are three things you can do right away to get started on the road to freedom in your career:

Get Clear. If you know where you need to be you’ve mastered the first big hurdle most people face, that of finding your true path. (If you don’t know your true path consider discovering it.) Now it’s time to get clear on exactly what’s stopping you.

Zero in on the mysterious force that’s keeping you stuck so it becomes the motivating force that propels you.

Decide. Have you ever had a relative or friend who complained so much about their job you just wanted to scream, “Do something then?” How about getting so upset with your boss or job you get motivated to spend the weekend finding and applying for positions, telling yourself, “I’ll show them!” By Tuesday you’ve calmed down, let it all go and are in your rut again. If you really want something better, decide to change your destiny. Who’s in charge of your career anyway? You are and you’re worthy and deserving to break free of the limitations you are experiencing.

When you decide, the soil becomes ripe for new opportunities to grow.

Act. How soon do you want to be where you need to be?  Tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now?  What small step can you take now to move you forward so you get what you want when you want it? Maybe it’s as simple as finding a mentor or coach to guide you on your path to freedom.   Maybe it’s as simple as getting clear about what you really want. Maybe it’s deciding to spend more time than just a weekend on a job search.

Dreams come true only when they are acted upon.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, is a Professional Certified Coach, Career Strategist, Speaker and Author who has spent her life inspiring professionals to find the power in who they already are.  She has the uncanny ability to zero in on your unique strengths and unseen potential to take you from surviving to thriving in a career that you will love.