Loving What You Do

It’s easy to be overwhelmed at work, caught up in the day-to-day grind, and to lose sight of what you love to doheart.jpg – at work and in your personal life. Forgetting what you love means you haven’t done it enough and not doing enough of what you love can easily lead to burn out.

When I asked professionals what made them love their work four themes emerged:

  • Contribution. The ability to use your knowledge and skills and to continue to learn and grow
  • Connection. Excellent leaders, getting along well with co-workers, and engaging in team activities
  • Culture. A positive culture, ease of communications and humor
  • Credit. Being rewarded and recognized for the value you bring

February is the perfect time to take a conscious break from the rat race to think about how you can weave into your workday some love and appreciation. Maybe you commit to put yourself first with a morning exercise routine, or work with someone like me to put in place a strategy for getting more credit for what you do. You may take a few extra minutes on your way to work to stop and take pictures of the breath taking and awe inspiring snow perilously perched on tree branches. There’s always the opportunity to give to others what you need most by telling a co-worker how much you appreciate what they do. Taking time to weave in a little of what you love every day decreases stress and improves your creativity and productivity in the long run.

If you’re overwhelmed at work and no long remember what you love, contact me today to get unburied and reconnected with what’s most important to you.

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day and continued fulfillment in work and life!

Thanks and appreciation to Lorna Shingleton for the beautiful photo of a snow-covered Washington Circle in Washington, DC.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC helps busy people get out of overwhelm and into greater productivity, profitability and peace of mind. She coaches people like you who are ready to find fulfillment in their careers.

What do you love and how do you weave it into your work day? Your comments are appreciated.