Luck and Career Success – Part I

“Everyone’s lucky.  Few are prepared.”  – Mike Dooleydiverse team

Are you ready for the luck that is waiting for you?

As a coach working with professionals seeking career happiness and fulfillment I get to observe “luck” happen constantly in my client’s lives.

It’s easy to see, right off the bat, who will be lucky and who will struggle with their career transitions.

The lucky ones play what I call the inner and outer game of luck.  They find  and land the job they want; the job that fits them perfectly.   In this post, which is Part I, I discuss how to use the inner game of luck.  Watch for Part II, the outer game, next Wednesday.

When I say inner game I’m talking about mindset.  You’ve got to be ready for luck.  If you can say, “I am ready,” for a new opportunity without equivocation, with certainty, not knowing what the future will bring, you’re on your way.  This strength of conviction sends a message that you’re willing to let go of what no longer serves you.  You know it’s impossible to move forward while looking back or hanging on to the past, right?

If you are hesitant about letting go of your current situation, uncertain about what you want next, or what to do, ambiguity and confusion reigns.  It blocks the flow of luck to you.  You’ve got to get clear.  Clarity sets you on a straight, focused course of action toward your target.  It is a major success factor for drawing opportunities to you.

I had a friend who knew a lot about luck.   He won and won big at the slot machines.  He never doubted that he would win. I sat at the slot machine next to him with sweaty palms fretting over how much money was going down the slots. He, on the other hand was calm, cool, clear.  He knew what he wanted and enjoyed the experience whether he won or lost.  He was thrilled with whatever winnings Lady Luck brought his way.  I’m convinced this brought him even more luck because he was in the flow of good fortune, never nervous, desperate, or trying to psych out the machines (like I was!).

Want more luck in your career? Get clear. Release what’s holding you back and create that lucky opportunity that is just waiting for you.  Contact me if you’re ready and you want some direction to accelerate your success.

What’s your experience with these lucky concepts?  I’d love to hear.  Leave me a comment!  Oh, and, check back next Wednesday for Part II.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is a certified coach and accomplished career strategist with extensive experience serving hundreds of professionals by helping them find their authentic career path.  She provides the tools you need to land your satisfying job, to up your energy and to achieve your career and life goals.