Luck and Career Success – Part II

“Everyone’s lucky.  Few are prepared.”  – Mike DooleyDiverse-Team

Last week I posted Part I of Luck and Career Success, which focused on your inner game of luck.  In this post, I discuss how to use the outer game of Luck.

By outer game I mean being ready and taking action to prepare for that lucky opportunity that is coming your way.

Let’s say you’re ready for a new job.  By revising your resume or beginning to research job openings you’re sending out a message that you’re “ready for an opportunity.”  Taking action starts creating momentum for opportunities to start coming your way.  Just make sure its the right kind of action and that the steps you take are heading in the direction you want.

If you aren’t sure what kind of job you want, or begin sending out resumes with no target or plan, your efforts can produce opportunities.  If they are not the kind of opportunities you want, you’re just wasting your time.

Get clear. Release what’s holding you back and show the universe you’re ready for that lucky opportunity that is just waiting for you by taking targeted, focused action.

One way you can release what’s holding you back is to clear away anything that keeps you stuck in the old.  If you have any reviews or rejection letters you’re holding on to, get rid of them they belong in the past.  You need to clear a path for new ideas, strategies and lucky opportunities to come your way.

Being lucky starts with being ready and ends with taking action to grab the opportunities that will come your way.  Are you ready?  Contact me if you’re ready to accelerate your success.

When you look back over your job history what has brought you the most luck in your career?  Please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is a certified coach and accomplished career strategist with extensive experience serving hundreds of professionals by helping them find their authentic career path.  She provides the tools you need to land your satisfying job, to up your energy and to achieve your career and life goals.