Mindfulness at Work for a Happier Career

You may have read this title and thought, “yeah, right. What’s on my mind is how much there is to do and how I’m goingstonesonpond
to get it all done … besides, isn’t “mindfulness” a Buddhist concept or meditation? … Who has time for that when you’re working hard?”   That’s the point, being mindful in your own life and in your work, can help you be more productive, engaged and happier.  It can save you from burn out, bad decisions or indecision that can end up impacting your work and your life.

Mindfulness means “to be aware of something that may be important” (Merriam Webster). It’s going main stream in business these days – Google employees are doing it, lawyers are being taught it and studies reveal it is at the core of relational leadership success, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness is an awareness practice that involves slowing down, become more self-aware, being authentic, getting in touch with your purpose and managing yourself well.  Mindfulness is commonly practiced through meditation because meditation provides the space for increased clarity and focus and decreased stress.

It’s easy to get caught up in all you have to do, and go through your day, your career, your life on autopilot. When you mindlessly go through your day, before you know it, years have slipped by.  You may have arrived in a management position, or job, or at a time in your life where you’re unhappy and asking yourself — what happened?

Taking the time to be mindful of your choices and why you’re doing things is the difference between unconsciously arriving where you don’t want to be and feeling like a victim of circumstance, or arriving where you want to be and feeling empowered because you’re managing your work and your life.

To keep this from happening to you, try a simple mindfulness practice such as meditation or the Purposeful Pause presented in Janice Marturano’s article on  “Leadership Burnout:  A Simple Way to Re-engage.”

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