Overcoming Overwhelm During the Holidays

Celebrate the Magic of the Holidays!

Every home I went to last weekend people were decorating for the holidays. It was great to smell the fresh-cut pine and marvel at the twinkling lights. I tried not to think about all of the shopping, wrapping, cooking, mailing, and attending holiday parties that was about to get added to an already busy life.

Sheri Kay Hoff published a great article recommending ways to de-stress your holiday season: ask yourself if everything absolutely has to be done and prioritize, choose the events most important to you instead of trying to do it all, and do one thing at a time to stay focused and accomplish more. Very helpful tips.

I have a couple more:

Carve out some time for rest and relaxation. When you’re scheduling holiday errands, block off time for rejuvenation — a spa treatment, a movie, a book by the fireplace, sipping a hot cider and taking in the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights. Consciously adding ways to rejuvenate into your schedule helps you stay balanced and refreshed — it’s much better than ending up like the grump who stole Christmas!

The holidays signify the end of another year. Take time to reflect on this past year. What went well? What didn’t? What do you want to let go of that no longer serves you? I’m creating Success Maps™ for my business clients and it occurs to me there’s no reason not to create a success map for the other parts of one’s life as well. Happy Holidays!

If you’d like to know more about creating your map for success or if you have questions, let me know. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share about your holidays in the comments …

Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, helps executives, service providers and managers like you who have the challenge of staying as efficient as possible given your busy schedule, accomplish more each day, provide exceptional client service, and get free from that feeling of overwhelm that keeps your stress level way too high.