Overwhelmed? Get Some Quiet Answers

Have you noticed when it comes to solving a problem that getting in a tizzy or keeping your knickers in a knot isn’t very productive? The more intent you become on getting an answer the more elusive the answer is.   It’s only when you give up and least expect it – you’re in the shower, taking a walk, driving your car, or, my favorite, waking up in the middle of the night — that the answer flies in. Years ago I discovered I made more headway when I “let my brain figure it out in the background.” As it turns out, I wasn’t too far off.
Blue+skyl.jpgI attended a lecture by David Rock on the Neuroscience of Leadership and read his recent post in the Psychology Today blog. I learned when it comes to making complex decisions pressuring myself or getting hyped up on caffeine to figure it out makes my brain noisier. And I don’t know about you but a noisy brain equates to an overwhelmed brain to me. Brain research shows allowing your mind to “float” or getting engaged in something totally relaxing or repetitive quiets brain activity. It’s the quiet that allows our unconscious to provide the insights that solve problems.

For me one avenue to a quiet brain is through meditation. I’m betting spending time consistently practicing the art of meditation will build my “quiet brain muscle” and lead to greater ease in problem solving. What do you think?  Care to join in the experiment? Post a comment (below) and answer the poll (upper right).