Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Individuals: 

Would you like to attract more clients or opportunities to increase your income? 

Is it time to power up your finances and attract the money and abundance you truly deserve?

Increase the Flow of Your Abundance

I have a unique special offer that will energize and focus you to boost your profits, attract clients and maximize your power and influence by DRAMATICALLY waterTRANSFORMING and OPTIMIZING your workspace so business and money flows to you with remarkable ease.

 You get 2 private one-on-one phone or Skype coaching sessions with me.

  • In the first session you will gain clarity on precisely the kind of abundance you want to create in your business and life.
  • Then you’ll email me photos of your workspace along with info about the layout.
  • We’ll get off the phone and then I’ll get to work applying ancient Feng Shui principles and doing an intuitive read of your space
  • In our second session you’ll find out how you can remove anything that is blocking your progress or the flow of abundance to you
  • I’ll reveal to you easy shifts you can make to your space to open the floodgates to easily attract the kind of business and abundance you want.


I like to reward action takers, so just for the first 15 to sign up, I’m adding a bonus — it’s a 30 minute Financial Success Breakthrough session where you will create a new financial history going forward.  This 30 minute bonus session will powerfully jumpstart your Feng Shui session and during your regular session with me we’ll align your space to support that new history you’ll be making right away.

This opportunity to invest in yourself is normally $697.00 but you get a special discount bringing the price down to $397 (a $250 discount).  To get started just fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule our first session.

It works!

My clients make more money, become a magnet for new clients and repeat business, up their energy and power to achieve, breakthrough to new levels of success, and experience clients and co-workers as easier to deal with as a result of applying Feng Shui principles and creating an energized and harmoniously aligned work space.  Here’s the results they’ve experienced from working with me:

After Linda’s Feng Shui office makeover we met 130% of our business income goals.  – S.H., Small Business Owner

Linda is fantastic.  She really helped me align my physical space with my business goals. Now my space is much more conducive to higher levels of performance. I noticed a difference immediately in my presence and my workflow. It’s wonderful to have a space to work in that supports and builds upon my business success. – M. V., Leadership Coach, Pennsylvania

Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years. Using this art through Linda’s direction, she helped me within minutes improve the ambiance of my office — allowing me to feel more relaxed and effective AND attract more clients within one week of making the change. I highly recommend Linda. – G.F., International Executive Coach, California

My Promise

After the first session, if by a slight chance you feel the session wasn’t worth the investment in yourself, then I will give you a full refund because I am confident that I can help you get amazing results and I am interested in ensuring that you do.

To your prosperity and abundance,