Slow Down, You Go to Fast!

“The Faster I Go the Behinder I Get.” This saying was in my uncle’s sign shop to remind him and my dad to take their time hand-lettering signs instead of going to fast and making costly mistakes. I was reminded of it last night. I really wanted to finish writing and publishing my newsletter.  I was tired and working fast to get it done. Two hours after I should have been home for dinner I lost the entire draft to that black hole in computer-land all of us have experienced and all of us fear.  What’s the lesson?
  1.  When you’re tired — take a break.  A retired, two-star general brought to my attention how the army weaves rest into a soldier’s routine to avoid regrettable mistakes.  Rest is just as important to productivity as producing.    
  2. When you’re not getting anywhere – heed the warnings and STOP! For example, the data I was inputting for the newsletter wasn’t being read by the computer even when I refreshed the screen. It would have been much easier and more productive to pay attention to the roadblock, let the need to persevere go, and instead of slamming my head against the wall to “just get it done”, go with the flow and give it another day. Instead I wasted hours and had to wait another day anyway!  
  3. When you’re stuck and you can’t think any more — don’t! Hit your Staples Easy button; get up and take a walk to get a change of scenery. Some fresh air usually leads to fresh ideas. 
Here’s hoping these tips help you so the Faster You Go the Further You Get!  Have you ever gotten behind by going to fast? I’d love your comment.  

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC is America’s Overwhelm Coach. She helps high-level achievers get unique personal systems and procedures in place to accomplish more with ease, leverage teams effectively, and spend more time with family and just enjoying life.