Strategies for Job Seekers – Part 3: What Do You Want?


If you are without a job or if you’ve decided it’s time to do something different it’s the perfect time to do an assessment to figure out what you want.

Career coaches, like me, typically offer formal assessments as part of a career coaching package. There are assessments available for everything imaginable. Some identify your skills and abilities and give you a list of job types you’ll excel in. (My opinion is we all develop skills and abilities throughout our career, some out of necessity. Using those skills doesn’t necessarily mean we enjoy the work!) My focus is helping people find careers they love so I use a unique assessment that helps you identify your authentic self so you’re more apt to find a career that fits who you really are.

If you’re not interested in, or can’t afford a formal assessment, you can conduct your own self assessment to help you identify what you want. Here are some questions you can explore and answer on your own:
1.    Do you want to stay in the same profession or attempt to make a change?
2.    Why or why not?
3.    What did you like about your previous job?
4.    What did you dislike about your previous job?
5.    What brings you the most joy?

These are just a few of the types of questions I explore with my clients who are looking for work or who want to make a career change. The benefits of getting clear on what you want are:  (1) it makes a job easier to find,  (2) it makes it easier to sell yourself to a potential employer, and (3) it makes it easier to make tough choices and decisions.

If you’re interested in information about career coaching or formal assessments feel free to contact me or leave a question or comment below.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC, helps high-level achievers get unique personal systems and procedures in place to accomplish more with ease. She also provides career coaching that helps clients land promotions and find more fulfilling work.