Stressed Out? Five Quick Tips to Help You Chill


It’s summer and the living should be easy – right? These days almost everyone is stressed about something — jobs, money, the economy, health, etc. It takes conscious effort to stay in a peaceful state of mind in today’s world.  Here are five tips you can try for chilling out:

  1. In her book “99 Things you Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out” Lauren Miller says we begin to stress out when we’re feeling unsafe, “I might fail; I might be fired; I might be unseen, unheard, overlooked.” She suggests one way to disconnect from insecurity is to connect to what you value most in life. What do you value most in your life? Make a list of your values. Is the way you’re living in alignment with your values? If not, this could be one source of stress.
  2. There’s nothing like going for a walk and breathing in nature to de-stress one’s mind and and ease one’s soul.
  3. Do you know what your rejuvenator is? Your rejuvenator is something you do that is totally different from who you really are, or who you think you should be in the world. It helps you stay balanced. For example, if you’re a straight-laced, suit-wearing professional like an attorney, your rejuvenator might be riding your Harley. If you’re someone who works with people all week, like a Realtor or a retail sales clerk, your rejuvenator might be chilling out, reading a book at home alone. Explore what activities rejuvenate you and recognize that “being a slug” could be a good thing — a necessary component for getting rid of some stress and having a balanced life.
  4. If you’ve participated in my Overwhelm Busters® classes you know about the research that shows our brains can hold only so much information. Taking a break is a great way to de-stress and improve productivity. Getting away from your desk, your project, whatever is consuming you and allowing your mind to “float” may actually give your brain the space it needs to come up with the brilliant or creative solution you’ve been looking for.
  5. Clearing the clutter from your desk or your room can help you create a less stressful environment. Our environment reflects back to us where we are in our lives. If your environment is out of control it can make you feel that way too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed a quick remedy can be stopping and cleaning up your desk. Gaining control of your environment can give you a greater sense of control over your work day and that should alleviate some stress!

I’d love to hear what you think of these tips and what has helped you de-stress at work or in life. Leave me a comment!

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