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Linda and the THRIVE Formula have been instrumental in helping me assess myself and my career goals, narrow my job search, and then effectively pursue outstanding opportunities.  Linda’s professional empathy and experience make job seeking a fun challenge and help professionals find the best fit – people and organizations – for their careers and personality.  She provides thoughtful insights and strategies that work best for me and my goals.  I recommend Linda to any colleagues and friends who want to make the best choices for their professional future.”

- D.N., Urban Planner, OR

I first contacted Linda at a time when I was thinking seriously of making a major career change.  After nearly 20 years, I was in a rut and looking for a coach to help me figure out what other career options would be a good fit for me.  Linda helped me get to the essence of what I did and didn’t like, and to realize that there is a lot that I actually like about my career.  The solution for me was not a complete career change as I initially thought, but rather a smaller directional change to better focus on finding a job that would play to my strengths and interests. She also helped me update my resume and provided very helpful interviewing tips.  I found Linda to be very personable and easy to work with and she kept the “touchy feely” stuff to a minimum.  Today, I have what may be my dream job (still in the same career), and Linda played a large part in getting me here.  I am grateful to her and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking career advice or coaching.  

- D.V., Attorney, California

Linda is an incredibly insightful woman who validated my passion, recognized my full potential, motivated me to expect more from myself and others, and essentially saved me from career suicide.  She is worth every penny spent on her services. 

K.S., Attorney, California

Linda's coaching was a game changer for me at a pivotal time in my career. By asking questions and making connections between seemingly disparate parts of my prior career iterations, Linda helped me identify the passions that motivate me and the career path that is most fulfilling for me.

L.C., Attorney, Texas

Working with Linda has been a pleasure—and a big help to my career. She helped me assess my current career choice and plan for a new position, listening carefully to my goals and concerns, and working with me to fine-tune my approach. She was very effective in helping me look at the “big picture,” as well as in advising me how to handle everyday workplace concerns. She takes a holistic approach, is keenly insightful, and is a breeze to work with. I highly recommend Linda and look forward to continuing to work with her.  

- L.R., Attorney, California

Linda and I worked together at the end of my six-month employment search. Her wise counsel and insightful analysis created the tipping point for me. I was more confident and better prepared for the interview that landed the architectural job I wanted. Linda has the Midas touch!

M.H., Architect, California

I very much benefited from my coaching time with Linda. I found her to be insightful and responsive to both me and my needs. She was objective and raised issues of which I should be aware and take into consideration … she helped me avoid what in hindsight might have been a bad professional decision. I highly recommend her.

R.E., H.R. Director, Pennsylvania

Your tremendous knowledge, patience and charisma helped me get a clear vision of who I am as a person and how I function. I started off trying to figure out my career path and ended up finding a path of whole self-discovery. You helped me create a short-term plan according to my reality and a long-term plan to be where I’ve always dreamed to be and helped me stay motivated during a very difficult period in my career. Thank you for helping me understand my purpose. I now have a clear vision of what I need to do and the confidence to get me there.

M.X., Human Resources, California

Linda asked thought-provoking questions. She encouraged me in free thinking, while also creating the structure and guidelines I needed to move forward. 

Senior Information Architect, Colorado

Linda is knowledgeable and encouraging. I was putting applications and resumes out, but wasn’t focused. She helped me to understand my core competencies and see how my skills were transferable. I started looking at companies and career options with different eyes.

Manager, California

Linda was extremely helpful in making me realize what I want most out of my next position and also in seeing how to get there. She is encouraging and offers specific tools that guide the process of searching for a new job. During this incredibly stressful time, she has helped me identify my real career goals and has guided me toward finding a position that will make me happy, not simply offer a paycheck. Her tips on networking and her motivation were invaluable.

- G.S., Public Relations VP, New Jersey

Ms. Hardenstein was the Director of Training and Professional Development at my law firm for three years and her counseling, coaching and support were instrumental in my making Partner. Her ability to listen and identify needs rather than working on the surface is particularly noteworthy … I highly recommend her.

Attorney, Washington, D.C.

I sought Linda’s services at a transitional point in my career. The assessment process affirmed my unique identity and my coaching work with Linda was instrumental in helping me to identify a path forward that promises to bring me great joy and passion. I highly recommend the process.

COO, Georgia

Coaching has helped me deal with my ongoing career issues—finding a way to manage my current job, and helping me find a better fit for the future. I found Linda’s keen understanding of the legal industry very helpful and would definitely recommend her to other attorneys struggling to find happiness in their careers. I wish I had tried coaching a few jobs ago!

- K.S., Attorney, California

I sought Linda’s advice with resume writing and career coaching during a critical point in my life. When I left my coaching session with Linda, I felt recharged and confident that my resume reflected my skill set, and I found new determination to go out and get the job that I wanted. Linda is a true professional and expert in her field and I strongly recommend her services.

R.T., HR Manager, California

I rely on Linda often for just-in-time coaching in a range of areas such as advice to prepare me for a promotions review, options for negotiations, and approaches for challenging professional situations. She offers a fresh perspective and identifies opportunities that I would have never imagined. She is flexible, with a broad span of expertise in both personal and professional development.

J.S., Director, California

My organization has hired Linda Hardenstein for multiple projects since September 2011.  Linda has provided excellent services, including management coaching, creating and facilitating a leadership retreat, and developing a career development program.  I found her work to be done in a professional, thorough manner with work products delivered on time.  In addition, she developed good working relationships with supervisors and managers during the management coaching sessions.

J.G., Administrative Services Manager, California

Thank you for the coaching. I have benefited greatly from it.  The group and individual coaching that you provided has all been very useful, but there are also two sessions that stand out on dealing with supervisors and staff.  You helped me shift my overall perspective, which led to better communication and a favorable outcome.  You have a very good perception of the issues and your advice was very insightful. 

Supervisor, California

Linda and I worked on a variety of projects together and Linda’s understanding of the Principles of Coaching was excellent. I asked Linda to facilitate a critical meeting for the leadership team of one or our major operational locations. Linda did a great job, got rave reviews and made a tremendous difference for the leadership team. I have worked off and on with Linda over the past few years and she is a true Professional Coach.  Linda is also my personal coach.  

Vice President, California

Linda was the lead staff person responsible for developing a nationwide online legal management system. Her leadership and insight made the project a success. She has a combination of technical savvy and practical leadership that enables her to communicate effectively with IT personnel and meet the needs of end users.

- D.S., Attorney, Kansas

I highly recommend Linda and her Overwhelm Busters™ seminar. It motivated me to take action to change and remove activities and behaviors that created stress and feelings of being overwhelmed at work and in my personal life.

P.L., Manager, Washington, D.C.

In the six months Linda Hardenstein worked with us we implemented two software systems we had been procrastinating on, completed a client satisfaction survey, and launched three programs to give us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

B.B., Real Estate Broker, California

Linda thoroughly assessed our needs and custom designed a creative Solution Seeking Session™ that met our objectives. The three-hour session with over 60 participants was peaceful, collaborative, organized and produced solutions that were reflective of both sides. The successful session re-established trust and provided valuable input for decision-makers. Evaluations reflected positive feedback from participants on the process and the results. Linda was well-organized, professional and a pleasure to work with. She helped us ensure that the public was heard. We achieved the results we were seeking in the time allotted.  I highly recommend Linda as a facilitator for community forums, especially for issues needing a calming presence and pragmatic results.” 

C.G. Mayor

In one session Linda helped me gain control of unruly personal and business “To-Dos” that were limiting my ability to stay on top of my game. Based on my individual style, she helped me create a system that continues to work for me to this day.

H.B., Business Owner, California

Linda designed a workflow system to eliminate time wasters and focus my days. A big “ah-ha” was the assessment of my work style. Understanding it gave me permission to work to MY strengths and NOT beat myself up for not doing it like everyone else. It has given me a stronger sense of freedom and competency in my new role as entrepreneur.

A.M., Entrepreneur, California

Linda Hardenstein facilitated our Strategic Planning session for 2009. She took time to learn about our association and its members and then designed a custom session. Although we had a very ambitious agenda, we started on time, ended on time and all our goals for the day were met!

S.H., CEO, California

Linda Hardenstein facilitated a workshop for US Airways Department Managers … Linda was creative, focused, flexible and a consummate professional. I received very favorable feedback from the managers who attended her workshop.  Now six months after the workshop … with improved communication and better understanding of each others roles … the operation realized its best third quarter performance in six years.

T.P. Station Director, North Carolina

On a historically challenging and contentious issue Linda designed and facilitated a custom Solution Seeking Session™ that re-established trust and provided valuable input for the City Council … She helped us ensure the public was heard and that we achieved the results we were seeking in the time allotted.

City Manager, California

Linda was instrumental in the successful design and implementation of our professional training program and our professional development department.  She won the respect and credibility needed to advise and guide associates to achieve performance benchmarks set by the firm and their career goals.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Washington, D.C.

I was stunned at how accurately Linda assessed my work and living environment and how it impacted my life. She pointed out the challenges I had in both my home and home office. I immediately implemented her biggest suggestions; changing my office and my bed placement. In just two weeks I had the confidence and willpower to release a client that was undervaluing me and underpaying me.

Web Designer, California

Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years. Using this art through Linda’s direction, she helped me within minutes improve the ambiance of my office — allowing me to feel more relaxed and effective AND attract more clients within one week of making the change. I highly recommend Linda.

International Executive Coach, California

Linda Hardenstein is a very talented consultant and coach. Linda helped me address the clutter in my house. With her coaching I made more progress in 8 weeks than I had in 8 years. And, as things in my home got cleared, some pretty amazing things began moving in other parts of my life. I am thrilled with the direction and the outcomes Linda has helped me achieve — the best investment I’ve made in years.

- M.S., Leadership Coach, New Jersey

Linda is great to work with, very personable and really gets it, she is an excellent listener and mirrors back what one needs to hear. She is also highly intuitive and picks up on the slightest nuances and inflections. My husband and I highly recommend her for Feng Shui, as the consultation for real estate sale that she did for us on two homes was remarkably helpful.

M.M., Physician, Washington

Linda is fantastic.  She really helped me align my physical space with my business goals. Now my space is much more conducive to higher levels of performance. I noticed a difference immediately in my presence and my workflow. It’s wonderful to have a space to work in that supports and builds upon my business success.

M.V., Leadership Coach, Pennsylvania

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