To be Happier in Your Career Use Your Gifts

You’ve found the perfect gift for someone when it captures the essence of who they are.  You’ve found the perfect job for you when you use your gifts because they are essential to career happiness.Christmas golden background

As a career strategist and coach who has guided hundreds of professionals over the years to find career happiness, knowing and using your true gifts can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  They’re hard to see in ourselves because they come so naturally and effortlessly to us.

Your gift may be managing, leading or relating to people in a way that motivates them and gets the best out of them. It may be how you effortlessly get things done. You may have a gift for separating the wheat from the chaff, communicating succinctly, creating, or empowering others. Your gift may be to see both sides of an issue and resolve conflicts easily, or maybe you analyze and solve complex problems with little effort.  It may be your ability to calculate figures in your head, to heal, or to see what others just don’t or can’t see.

The key to career happiness and fulfillment is using your gifts to do what you were designed to do.

Consider the person who has a gift for, and is designed to solve problems.  If you work in a place that doesn’t want problems solved you’ll be hitting your head against the wall all day long.  Stay in a job that is out of alignment with who you are and you will most likely feel discouraged, disengaged, unfulfilled and unhappy.  You may even feel disillusioned about who you are, what you can do, or are supposed to be doing, and what your purpose is.

When you discover your gifts and use them struggle is minimized because there is no conflict as you fully express who you are.

In the movie Chef, a very creative chef worked for a restaurant owner interested only in the tried and true menu. The chef would go home and create new dishes. He couldn’t help himself, that’s what he was designed to do.  At the restaurant his ideas were shot down.  He became frustrated, angry, stressed, and began to doubt his talents. It was debilitating and he wasn’t happy until … he started using his gifts to do what he was designed to do.

During this holiday season as you give and receive gifts, I invite you to take a few moments to think about and celebrate your unique gifts and how you are using them. If you’d like to get clearer about what they are and how you can use them to accelerate your career happiness and fulfillment in 2015 contact me for a private complimentary 30 minute Career Discovery Session.