What is your overwhelm Acumen?

It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun. We know living in a perpetual state of overwhelm causes stress that affects our overall health and well-being and that being overwhelmed at work affects the bottom line (I’ve identified at least 10 ways). But, what else do you know? Take this short quiz to check your insights
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Who is most overwhelmed?
A. You’re in a fast-paced environment where colleagues have been laid off and you have to pick up the slack.
B. You’re a business owner working 24/7 and you can’t catch up.
C. You’re a working mom with kids in school involved in sports and other activities.
D. All of the above.

2. Is overwhelm solely the result of the amount of work you have to do?

A. Yes
B. No

3. The majority of folks in service professions spend what percentage of their work week in overwhelm?

A. 25 percent
B. 50 percent
C. 75 percent
D. 100 percent

4. What percentage of employees who report being overworked say they make a lot of mistakes at work?

A. 10 percent
B. 20 percent
C. 50 percent

5. The best way to conquer overwhelm at work is to:

A. Ignore it and it will go away
B. Recognize when you’re in it
C. Call up a friend and tell them how overwhelmed you are.

How did you do? The answers are: 1.D.; 2.B; 3.C.; 4.B.; 5.B.

Our survey shows the majority of folks know being overwhelmed is not solely because of the amount of work you have to do. It’s how you manage what you have on your plate. The best way to conquer overwhelm at work is to recognize when you’re in it so you can devise a strategy that works for you, maybe with the help of a coach or other professional. Making one shift in the way you handle something that brings relief can often have a huge impact, not only at work but in other areas of your life.

What questions would you like answered about being overwhelmed at work? Send me your questions/comments.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC helps busy people take work off their plates, get out of overwhelm and into greater productivity, profitability and peace of mind. She coaches people like you who are ready to achieve breakthroughs and find fulfillment in their careers.