When Overwhelmed Isn’t Enough

Have you ever been in a state of overwhelm and ignored it to do “just one more thing” only to have it backfire like this?

Isn’t it amazing how stretching limits can create unintended consequences? Maybe you’ve had the experience of rushing to get one more thing finished only to discover it went out with an accidential mistake. Yikes! Or you did “just one more thing” before meeting a friend and your chronic lateness almost ruined your friendship. Or you did “just one more thing” instead of taking care of your health and you ended up suffering for it.

What if instead of stretching an already tight, overwhelmed schedule, we all took 3 minutes to make a conscious choice about what was really important and let everything else go? Setting limits can bring increased focus, a manageable day and a more fulfilling life.

Are you up for the challenge? Post a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, PCC works with executives and entrepreneurs to conquer the stress of overwhelm by taking things off their plates, achieving more of what they truly want and freeing up time for the important things in life.