Your workspace has a
direct impact on your
career trajectory


If you’ve ever walked into a high-powered board room and just assumed the person at the head of the table was in charge, or entered an office and felt an instant sense of respect—or even fear—for the person behind the big desk, then you’ve experienced the power of situational energy and positioning.

As an executive, you want to convey a sense of who you are as well. You want to look like you’re in control of your projects, but with the long days, the fast pace, intense issues, problems and conflicts you have to resolve on a daily basis, your office can convey a different story.  If you’re feeling drained and overloaded your office can easily reflect the situation you’re in.

When a higher-up comes by to talk with you about a possible promotion, or new client, and takes a look at your office what is he or she going to think?  That you can handle more, or that you’re at your limit?

Whether you realize it or not, what your office says to you and about you, all day long, speaks volumes. If you walk in first thing in the morning and already feel behind, the situational energy is draining you and your workspace is affecting your personal power and thwarting your success.


The good news is you don’t have to be drained by what’s going on around you, giving your personal power away, or sending the wrong message to a higher up.

You can have a work environment that supports you in performing at your peak, has you thinking clearly, wielding influence, and communicating a presence that says SUCCESS, while bolstering your reputation and personal power, generating the energy to get things done, and enhancing your ability to get what you want.

Here's how I can help you:

We design Peak Performance Offices that support you in sending a message that you want to convey.  It keeps you energized, confident and powerful to achieve your work and career goals and the success that you want.


"Linda is fantastic. She really helped me align my physical space with my business goals.  Now my space is much more conducive to higher levels of performance. I noticed a difference immediately in my presence and my workflow.  It’s wonderful to have a space to work in that supports and builds upon my business success."

M.V., Leadership Coach

"With Linda’s coaching I made more progress in 8 weeks than I had in 8 years … removing a heavy burden that was holding me back and keeping me poor.  Her creative and provocative coaching delivered with genuine kindness and benevolence allowed a breakthrough and unexpected windfall of over $34,800."

M.Z., Leadership Coach

Ready to get your workspace aligned with your business goals?


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